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Wood Fencing Offers Many Benefits and Comes in Several Styles

Fencing in your property not only beautifies your yard, but it also gives you more security and privacy. Wood is the traditional material that used in constructing fences. There’s nothing quite like a wood fence to give a home a warm, inviting look. If you’re considering new fencing, here are some of the reasons for using a wood fence, along with the different styles from which to choose.

Advantages of Wood Fences

In addition to cosmetic beauty, wood fencing has much to offer, including:

  • Durability—This is one of the primary reasons why many homeowners prefer wood fences. In fact, this type of fence can last for several decades.
  • Reminiscent appeal—Because it looks classic and traditional, a wood fence can bring back memories of yesteryear.
  • Individuality—Wood fencing can be shaped to give a fence a distinct, individual look.
  • Compatibility with your house—You can stain wood to match the exterior of your house. On the other hand, you may want to stain your wood fence to stand out or recede from a landscape.

Common Styles of Wood Fencing

Another reason many homeowners choose wood fencing is because it comes in several styles. When deciding on a particular style, consider your needs. For example, determine if your goal is mainly to add cosmetic appeal, or if it’s more functional. Some of the main wood fence styles include:

  • Privacy fences, which are 6’ high or more, are ideal for changing a backyard into a private, secluded yard. Constructed of solid wood, they’re also known as solid board fencing. This style has a tight fit so that there aren’t many gaps, giving it a protective barrier for wind breaks and noise. It’s also a good option for enclosing swimming pools and backyard spas.
  • Basketweave fencing, which have handwoven slats, is another style that provides total privacy. You can find basketweave fences in heights of 4, 5’ or 6’. It only takes a few fence sections to provide screening.
  • Picket fences are used to depict traditional charm. This is an excellent fence for keeping pets and kids safe and contained. Rails on the top and bottom are used to join upright posts that are 4’ tall or shorter. You can choose from a wide range of tops, such as pointed boards, Gothic or dog-eared panels.
  • Post-and-rail wood fences are commonly seen in country settings and are often used for boundaries for horse pastures. It’s characterized by two to four rails that are joined by square posts. Upper and lower rails connect the posts.
  • Split-rail fencing gives you an even more rural appearance. This style is commonly seen in western and southwestern states. However, this fencing serves more of a decorative purpose, rather than being practical.
  • Shadowbox fencing looks the same on the inside as it does on the outside. That’s why it’s also called “good neighbor fencing.” In other words, your neighbor gets to enjoy its beauty, too, as a shadowbox fence doesn’t have an inferior side. Although it does just as superb a job of screening, this fence is semi-private, as there is space between the fence boards.

Considerations and Warnings

  • The fence posts should be treated so that they don’t rot prematurely when they’re set in concrete.
  • Always check with your city building department before installing your fence.
  • If your local building codes don’t allow you to enclose your entire yard with a privacy fence, consider using shadowbox fencing along with privacy fencing.
  • Consider that shadowbox fencing can cost more than other styles because of their picket design that overlaps.
  • Keep your sprinklers away from your wood fence to protect it from rotting too soon.

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