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Why a Wood Fence?

Wood fences are one of the most popular choices in residential neighborhoods. In recent years, vinyl fences have become popular because of their ability to last longer than traditional wood fences made of pine.However, many wood fence options exist for suburban and residential properties which can enable your home to stand out and display its unique qualities. These articles display why you would want a wood fence.

“Here’s Why you Should Buy a Wooden Fence From Us”

Whether it is to keep dogs and toddlers in, to keep prowlers and intruders out, or just to show off your beautiful gardens, a wooden fence from Beitzell Fence might be just the answer. The style of natural wooden fence we help you choose will depend on your needs. What are you trying to accomplish with your fence?

Keep intruders out and maintain privacy. If security is a concern or you would like to be able to use your hot tub or back yard free from spying eyes, one of our solid board wooden fences might fill your needs. With a solid board solution, vertical boards are attached to sturdy horizontal members with no space between them. This, with a securely locked gate, helps to improve your security and feeling of privacy.

Another style of privacy fence that many of our customers choose is the board-on-board fence. This is basically a picket fence with pickets on both sides, which shields your yard from street view. Our privacy fences can be installed painted or unpainted, and we offer a variety of scalloped and latticed tops.

Show off your beautiful yard. While sometimes you want to conceal your yard, there are certainly times where the goal is to showcase your lovely landscaping. For this, a picket fence is just what you need. The open design of a picket fence allows easy visibility of your gardens and other landscaping, while keeping neighborhood dogs out. Like our privacy fences, these beautiful fences are offered with a variety of scalloped tops, and can be painted or left as natural wood.

Another great option to highlight your yard is a split rail fence. If you want to keep dogs and children from wandering in or out of your yard, you can apply a wire mesh to the back of this classic fence.

Picket fences and split rail fences are also great for giving children boundaries and keeping them safe.

Keeping animals in. If you have horses or other large animals, a beautiful, functional paddock style fence is the solution. This time-tested style is sturdy enough to keep horses from wandering, and serves as an accent for your horses. We can fit your fence with electric wires to further discourage your animals and we can install wire mesh to keep out dogs and other wandering animals. As with all of our fences, we can paint or leave the beautiful wood to age naturally.

Of course, if a wooden fence does not meet your needs, we offer a complete line of fences in a wide variety of styles and materials, including chain link, welded wire and aluminum options. We install interior storage cages, as well as elegant gates inside a home or business to control traffic flow or keep a busy toddler away from a hot wood stove. In other words, whatever your fencing needs, Beitzell has you covered.

Here at Beitzell Fence Company, our family has been providing residents and businesses in Northern Virginia and Maryland with the answers to their fencing questions for over 28 years. To find out how the Beitzell family can help your family or business be more secure and show a more beautiful face to the world, please contact us. We will meet with you so that you can show us exactly where you want your fence and any gates, go over all of your options with you and provide you with the proposed answer to your fencing needs. We, and all of our installation crews, are bonded and insured.

“I have to say Beitzell Fence is very professional… The end product built looks fantastic… The owner was very professional and pleasant to work with.” George Robbins, satisfied homeowner.

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Know These Six Tips Before Starting a Wood Fence Installation

Homeowners look for a variety of amenities when they buy a home, but almost everyone is looking for security, privacy, and peace of mind. Building on these qualities in your own home might be easier than you think. Wood fence installation is a beautiful way to secure your property, make your home more private, and provide peace of mind for your family. But there’s more to fencing than installation. Follow these tips for a wood fence that meets your needs, looks amazing, and adds value to your home.

Check out your options:

Before starting a wood fence installation, it’s important to know what’s available. Do some research to see what’s offered in your area. Choose a company with the following characteristics. You’ll get great customer care, service, and quality workmanship.


A well-established company is always a good choice. New businesses come and go, but a longstanding business has a good track record for long-term repairs and maintenance. Look for a company with many years of experience. They’ll offer better advice for your neighborhood, and an established business will stand by their work and offer options for maintaining your fence long-term.

Professional Associations:

Great organizations are often members of professional associations. Start with theAmerican Fencing Association for a list of members. Certain areas might have smaller, regional associations. Either way, members of professional associations stay current on codes and laws, maintain access to professional development and continuing education, and often adhere to strict codes of conduct.


An excellent fencing service offers more than installation. Look for a full-service company that helps you every step of the way, with professional design services, installation, and maintenance options. A good designer will help you choose a fence that meets your needs and matches the style of your home for greater curb appeal. Professional installers make sure the fence matches all codes and ordinances for your area. A professional wood fence installation typically lasts longer than a do-it-yourself option. Exceptional businesses will also offer maintenance plans so your fence lasts as long as possible.


Go online and read as many reviews as possible before selecting a business. If you consistently see positive reviews, that’s a great sign! Look for reviews that discuss customer service, quality, and value. A review that talks about maintenance or how well the fence held up over time is especially helpful.

Go local:

Typically, a wood fence installation company local to your area will provide the best service. Companies that work within just one or two states really know the codes, laws, and neighborhoods in your area. You’ll benefit from their local expertise and deeper understanding of your home town. Ask for references from neighbors and friends who are happy with their fences.

Fencing options:

Choose a company that offers fence customization. It’s important for your fence to fit well with your home. The best companies also offer a variety of gate and lock options to fit your security needs. Fences come in a range of prices, materials, and styles. Look for a knowledgeable company willing to advise and customize your fence so it’s exactly what you want. Many top companies offer galleries or portfolios on their website to show the quality and variety of their work. Take a look and see if there’s something you like.

Ask questions:

Before you talk to an installer, write a list of questions. Communicate your vision for your wood fence. Share details about why you want a wood fence installed and what you want it to accomplish. If you have dogs or kids, tell your representative. They’ll help you select a fence that is safe for your family. If you want security or privacy, let them know. A good designer will create a wood fence perfectly suited to your needs.

See for yourself

If you find a fencing company that does commercial work, look on their website to see if they provide a list of commercial projects they’ve done in your area. This isn’t always an option, but it’s a great way to see a company’s work up close. If you can’t find it, ask for examples of their work when you meet with a representative. Look for fences that fit well with the property and show minimal signs of wear.

Analyze value:

It’s important to get several estimates, and most quality companies provide one free of charge. But there’s more to good value than total cost. Ask each company what’s included. Some companies include consultations, property surveys, and permits in the total cost, while others add these as additional charges. Great companies even provide estimates for fence maintenance and offer options to make your investment last long-term. Some companies use higher quality materials, while others cut costs with cheaper options that wear faster. Ask about warranties to see what’s best for you.

Analyze value over cost for a smarter buy. If you’re going to use this fence for many years, you’ll want maintenance options and a good warranty. Ask about materials and think about how well they’ll hold up to weather conditions in your area. Choose a company with reasonable prices, good customer support, and high quality materials for great results every time.

If you’re thinking about starting a wood fence installation, we’re here to help. Contact us to get a free estimate or learn more about fencing options in your area. With 30 years in the industry, our expert representatives will help you find a fence that’s right for you.

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What can a Cedar Fence do for you?

Cedar is a great choice as it is extremely durable and holds up well under various weather conditions. A cedar fence almost always holds up longer than a typical pine fence. The natural oils inside of cedar protect it from insect damage and rotting as well.

In this blog below, we took a look at the benefits of a cedar fence. Cedar wood is more rare and thus more expensive than pine. However, cedar resists warping and shows less knots. Cedar also stands up to the test of time. It’s aroma and handsome appearance coupled with the comparatively low required maintenance make it a smart investment. The incentives for splurging, in this case, far outweigh the cons. Get a cedar fence on your property today?

Why Install a Fence on your Property?

Wondering whether or not to install a new fence on your property at home? You should consider a fence install for a variety of reasons including appeal and security. Check out the following styles of fences you might want to install in your yard: Fence Designs and Styles to Consider Picket Fence Cedar Fence Board on Board Vinyl Fence Chain Link Aluminum Fencing Iron Fence Wrought Iron Interested in any of the above fence styles/designs? Contact us today to make your dream come true! Check out the full fence design and style article.

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How Wood Fence Installation May Increase Your Home Value

Allow us to let you in on an industry secret: a wood fence possesses magical powers of transformation. When the right fence is professionally installed, you’ll reap the benefits of improved appearance, increased safety, and added home value. When looking to add value to your property, consider the following points.


In order to ensure your fence installation results in increased property value, you should select a fence that complements the architecture of your home. Additionally, the fence should fit in well with the surrounding homes. While an elegant wooden fence may increase home value, prospective buyers are less likely to purchase a home with an imposing 8’ fence.


Prior to installing a fence, consider its functional nature. Ensuring your fence is future-proof for homeowners with children or pets can help you get the maximum value out of your fence installation.


The material you select can drastically impact the resale value of your fence. According to Realty Times, though initial installation costs for chain link fences are lower, “the resale value obtained with this addition is so minimal. On the other hand, privacy wood fences and solid fences like concrete or cast iron can net a profit of at least 50% of the material and installation costs on resale.”

If you’re interested in improving your home value with a wood fence installation, contact us today. Our team of dedicated professionals will provide individualized solutions for your fencing needs. In addition to saving you time, professional installation will also ensure you get the most value out of your fence.

Trying to decide on a fence for your property? See if any of these advantages below will convince you to install a 4 board oak paddock style fence:

  • Oak is a longer lasting wood fence option.
  • Typically used for horse fencing. Great for horse farms.
  • Wire mesh can be added for extra security.
  • Offers a great look!

Residential Fencing Around Your Deck, and Porch Screens: Enjoy Entertaining Outdoors Year-Round

Residential fencing most typically focuses on creating a border around yard spaces, though it doesn’t have to always be reserved just there. Here at Beitzell Fence, we constantly try to promote the varied uses for fencing, including indoors for pets and other surprising purposes. Decks are the middle line between the indoors and outdoors, and the possibilities of fencing there are just as strong as anywhere else around your property.

Obviously, you’re going to need a railing along your deck to prevent any dangerous precipices. Why not create a more stylized railing or fence along your deck to create some stylization while adding more safety? We can use the same kind of style of fence bordering your yard to give some uniformity to the style of your home. This especially works well when you have a large deck space where you regularly do entertaining.

For those who want more privacy on specific sections of the deck, we can even create solid panel fencing so it can’t be seen through. But we want you to be able to enjoy the view off your deck. Building a small picket fence or other stylized railing can allow you and your guests to lean on something sturdy while taking in the scenery.

What About Porch Screens?

With fall and winter arriving, having a screen around your porch can be a great way to help you entertain without being pestered by insects or weather. Wanting to go outside and be with family and friends shouldn’t be relegated to just the summertime when you have a large porch. Going through us, we can create a thick screen that enables you to stay outside and enjoy the outdoors, regardless of rain or the countless insects that might otherwise disrupt things.

Customization can be done here as well, including placing gates around your porch or on your deck. With fencing and screening options, you have many different stylized options we can help you achieve to make this part of your house attractive.

Contact us here at Beitzell Fence so we can get your deck and porch area taken care of before winter sets in. And return to us next spring if you need new fencing around your property. With plenty of material options like vinyl, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance again.

“Three Reasons Why Residential Fencing is a Must for Young Families”

*A fence has countless obvious reasons for being built. It establishes boundaries for the public and private residents. A fence lets you know what maintenance falls into your responsibility in regards to bushes and trees bordering property lines. A fence gives you the ability to feel all alone outdoors, which is definitely priceless.

Below are three reasons why families with children should certainly consider a fence installed. A wood fence is economical and a reliable way to protect your family.

Have you and your spouse been putting off the idea of installing a fence since moving into your house? Well, if you’re now a parent to a young child, then it’s time to get serious about residential fencing. Keep reading for three reasons why fences are a must for young families.

Prevent Kids From Running Off Onto the Streets

It doesn’t matter how well-behaved your children are, there’s still no way to fully guarantee that they won’t try to run off onto the unsafe streets. Your kids’ brains have yet to fully develop; therefore, they’re unable to stop themselves from acting on impulse. What this means is that if they see their ball bouncing out onto the street, they’re not going to really think twice before running to chase after the ball. And as a parent, nothing is as terrifying as the thought of your child getting into an accident on the street—especially if it’s an accident that’s easily preventable with a fence.

Stop Strangers From Peeking On Your Little Ones

The world can be a very scary place with people who are full of bad intentions. Thus, you need to shield your children from strangers who might be capable of causing harm. A fence will make it hard for strangers to sneak a peek at your little ones.

Deter Kidnappers

Kidnapping is a real fear for many parents. Luckily, it can be easy to deter kidnappers from entering your resident. Simply contact us to get a fence in place to help prevent the occurrence of kidnapping.

*A wooden fence made of pine is efficient and effective. If a property owner wants a wooden fence to last longer, cedar and oak options are available. All wooden fences constructed by Beitzell Fence Company are finished with a professional ability displayed through their years of experience.

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