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What Kind of Security Fence Should a Government or Military Organization Have?

For those who manage governmental and military institutions, a security fence is going to be essential to deter potential intruders from entering the property. In those scenarios, you obviously won’t be installing an inviting picket fence. When your organization works with secret military equipment or other projects outside the building or in, you want a fence that gives the impression you don’t want trespassers. This is going to mean a fence that’s impossible to climb as well as one with reliable security features.

But what style of fence should you ultimately have? While there might be a standard idea of what a security fence should look like, options are available to allow a see-through or not.

Chain Link Fence

You might think of a chain link fence first when it comes to a security fence for government and military bases. You should because they require little maintenance and can be made for see-through capability or with privacy slats. Chain link fences can also come in a variety of heights so they’re impossible to climb. For government and military buildings, you clearly won’t want one bordering your property that’s easy to climb. Many chain link varieties are tall enough so they’re impossible to climb over, plus some that attach to ceiling spaces for complete enclosure.

Here at Beitzell Fence, we offer all of these chain link fence varieties, plus security features that can monitor who’s coming and going.

Iron Fences

If you want to look a little more stylish on your government property line or military base, a cast-iron or wrought iron fence is a good option. These can also be made tall enough where they can’t be climbed. In fact, they’re even more impossible to climb than a chain link fence is.

You can have these customized in numerously different ways, and we can accommodate that easily for you. Iron fences don’t have to be see-through either with slats easily installed if you don’t want anyone seeing into the property.

Wooden Fence Options

These aren’t usually common with security fences, though they might be a good option if sealing off outside property near your government or military facility. While you’ll need some annual maintenance taking care of a wooden fence, we’ll design it in any customized way you need. Security is still going to be imperative in this case, and it can work just as well on wooden fences. With our security and access control system, your security staff will know if someone manages to compromise this fence or any other fence.

In addition, we provide anti-ram fences to protect you when someone uses their vehicle to attempt property access.

It’s all part of our commitment to providing quality commercial fencing along with our residential options.Contact us if you’re currently managing a governmental or military base in Virginia and need superior fencing around the property line. We’ll make sure we design exactly what you have in mind and assure that you never have a security breach.

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