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What Does a Wrought Iron Fence Cost?

Fencing is one of the hallmark aspects of a home. A fence is often the first aspect of a home that someone will notice when coming over to your house. Its elegant structure, combined with a beautiful coloring, is what makes a wrought iron fence stand out. Not to mention the addition security a wrought iron fence provides for your home, plus the increase in value.

We’ve been installing wrought iron fences in the DC area for over 30 years, so you’re asking the right people.

Wrought iron fences are a type of aluminum fencing, which is known for its beauty, value, and security features. One of the hallmarks of aluminum fencing is that you can avoid annual maintenance because it is so easy to take care of it. And the icing on the cake? A wrought iron fence will last a lifetime. That means that in a wrought iron fence, you have found your forever fence: beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to care for.

But what even is wrought iron fencing? A wrought iron fence is a type of aluminum fence that is made of a pure form of iron alloy, hand-worked until all carbon purities are removed. Wrought iron fences have been around since 2,000 B.C. because of its functionality and sturdiness. Wrought iron fencing also can be easily custom-made, as it’s very malleable when hot. The Eiffel Tower and the gates of Westminster Abbey are all made of wrought iron, as well as balconies in the French Quarter.

How Wrought Iron Fence Design Affects Cost

That makes wrought iron fencing high in value. Clearly, there is a design advantage here, where wrought iron fencing has been used in famous structures around the globe. The design has persevered through thousands of years of modernization because of its classic, elegant, and sophisticated design. As the world kept growing and developing, wrought iron fencing remained a classic feature, prevalent throughout.

An additional beauty of the wrought iron fence is that it can be easily custom-made, so you have nearly unlimited choices in the design. “Wrought” means “worked”, which is what happens during the process of creating the wrought iron fence. Once the fence is worked, the metal is poured into a mold and then solidified. That means you can easily request specific small designs, which will make your wrought iron fence truly yours. Whether you want a picket fence or a hairpin fence, that option is yours! Maybe you are considering more minute decorative details, like scrolls or top railings, that is also up to you. We will work with you to figure out what you want and what works best for you and your family.

If you’re looking for suggestions for high-value wrought iron fencing finishes, you could consider a few different options. The first is the Bees Wax Finish, which provides a more classic, natural metal forged look. The metal is heated until it’s extremely hot, then a wax coating is slowly applied, layer by layer, until the metal is cooled. The second type of finish is the Tinted Briwax Finish, which adds a brown-ish finish and adds a slightly more protective layer. The method to add the Tinted Briwax Finish and the Bees Wax Finish are both very similar. A final option is the Wax and Linseed Oil Finish, which adds a semi-transparent look to your wrought iron fence. The Wax and Linseed Oil Finish and the Tinted Briwax Finish both add a higher security element to your wrought iron fence.

Wrought Iron Fence Longevity Affects Value

But design isn’t everything – the fence has to last a long time. Buying and installing a new fence every few years is exhausting, both mentally and physically. Having to decide a fence type, find a color, plan where it’ll be, and coordinate the installation is all draining. But with a wrought iron fence, you can ignore all of that! Once the wrought iron fence is installed the first time, you’ll be good to go. With little maintenance and care, this fence will take care of you without needing a replacement. It truly lasts a lifetime, making it worth its value!

This means – yes, no painting, no staining, no replacing wood boards. Once that fence goes up, it is durable against the elements, no matter where you live. Can you imagine that? That sounds like it is worth it. Especially if you live in a place with frequent storms, the wrought iron fence will survive it all. Think back to the French Quarter in New Orleans where the balconies are made up of wrought iron fencing. New Orleans is a frequent target or hurricane and tropical storms, and these wrought iron fences have survived years in the storms. That level of durability is available to you, too!

Wrought Iron Fences Boost Security

The wrought iron provides security for both you and your animals, which is an immeasurable value. Let’s start with you: wrought iron fences are hard to climb and they are very sturdy and long-lasting, as you now know. That makes them more protective toward you and your family. Your wrought iron fence will also keep your pets in better because they are harder to break through. Animals can escape from your home by climbing a wooden fence, which is virtually impossible with a wrought iron fence due to its structural design. You can also request to have your wrought iron fence mounted on brick, which is specially designed to protect animals and small children.

Overall, the wrought iron fence provides a stellar design, high durability, and increased security to your property. All of these elements make the wrought iron fence a must-have that is high in value and worth the cost. By installing a wrought iron fence, you are investing in your property to ensure a classic and long-lasting fence that will be easy to care for.

If you’re looking for a wrought iron fence, you might consider its close cousin: aluminum. Aluminum fences give you a lot of the benefits of wrought iron, at an even lower cost. Contact us to learn more!

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