The fence encloses the house.

What Can a Paddock Fence Do For You?

Trying to decide on a fence for your property? You may be a prime candidate for a paddock fence.

Paddock fences have been a rural mainstay for centuries with good reason. They get the job done while keeping your cost for fencing in large areas reasonable.

A paddock fence uses the best materials

Most paddock fences use oak. The fence needs to stand up to the strains of farm life, and oak is a strong wood. It’s also a long-lasting option for a wood fence.

Because of the oak construction, you’re less likely to need to replace a paddock fence and you’ll get more usable years out of it.

 A paddock fence keeps your horses safe

There’s a reason you often see paddock fencing at farms. Horse farms are the most frequent purchasers because the style keeps horses in without requiring a ton of material. That keeps costs low and also lowers the time and expense of maintenance. Horses generally just need some kind of boundary to keep them in, not an elaborate fencing system.

Wire mesh can enhance security

Paddock fences are great candidates for a wire mesh. The wire mesh fills in the gaps, so you don’t have an easy way for critters to access your property. Wire mesh makes the only means of getting past the fence jumping over it.

A paddock fence looks great

The paddock fence is a classic American look that screams “heartland” to anyone who sees it. The rustic simplicity recalls a simpler time when all you needed was a bit of land and two hands to work it.

Can you really picture a farm without one? We have a hard time.

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