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What Are the Benefits of a Pool Safety Fence?

Having a pool in your backyard is a great feature to have at your home. On a nice hot day, a backyard pool offers an easy way to relax and have fun. If you have children, the pool gives them a chance to cool off and have some fun. It will also prevent them from staying inside all day watching television or playing video games.

Unfortunately, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children. A majority of the drownings happen in home swimming pools. When you do not want your children near the pool or you do not want the smaller kids away from the pool, you want to make sure they will have no access to the pool.

A pool fence can keep your children safe, while reducing the risks of any child having an accident. According to the Center for Disease Control, pool fences can reduce the risk of drowning by 83 percent. Take into consideration all the things you can do to keep your children safe and call the best fence company around.

Pool Safety Fence vs. Pool Nets or Pool Covers

Nets and covers on the pool can still give children access to the swimming pool, so they are not as effective a protection. The pool fence is an effective way to completely keep the small children away. A pool safety fence can provide great and safe benefits for your family.

  • The Convenience: A pool fence will be used time and time again. All you have to do is open the gate to the fence, and you will have access. When using a net or pool cover, it will take time to get access to the pool. Afterwards, you will have to put the cover back on the pool.
  • The Flexibility: A pool fence can be installed without changing how the pool is being used. The pool fence can be placed on any surface, regardless of the landscape. Using pool covers can cause trouble sometimes when trying to place them over the pool.

Pool Safety Fence Ideas

Rather than having a fence with vertical slats, create one that has boards running horizontally instead. This will provide you with the same type of privacy, yet gives a more rustic feel to your pool area. This type of fence is perfect for hanging plant baskets or placing window boxes full of flowers on.

A rock or stone fence can be a perfect accompaniment to a natural stone deck, and is also rather simple to construct. Make a wire “basket” from fencing material, and then fill this basket with any type of stone or gravel you choose. Use wooden fence posts to anchor your wire basket and give it stability. This type of fence works especially well whenever it needs to double as a retaining wall.

If your pool has an oriental garden surrounding it, an excellent choice for fencing would be bamboo panels. These can be attached to wooden posts with ordinary rope, and will provide a nice focal point for a fountain and ornamental grasses. The best part about using this type of fencing material is the fact that bamboo takes very little time to grow back after it is harvested.

In some cases, a fence could be made by placing several fence posts together side by side. This might be a good choice if you are recycling more than one old fence, as you can easily mix and match materials to create your own unique look. Best of all, this type of fence will allow you a bit of privacy, while also allowing you to see beyond your pool area as well.

The Mesh Pool Fence Option

When you see how attractive a removable mesh pool fence is, you’ll never want to remove it. Nevertheless, these are good options when you don’t have the convenience of a cover to go over your swimming pool for safety. These don’t have to be tall fences either, and one about four-feet high is a good option when you want to customize. These allow your guests to view the pool without inconvenience. It’s a good option if you have no kids or pets and want something with superior aesthetics.

The Five-Foot Pool Fence

If you have children, then you’re familiar with how social services require five-foot fences around pools for daycare centers or if you adopt a child. You’ll have to use the five-foot fence plan around your home’s pool if your children happen to be adopted. Regardless, it’s a good plan whether your children are adopted or not. It provides an extra foot of protection so a child that doesn’t know how to swim doesn’t accidentally fall into the pool. Far too many stories exist about accidental child drownings while the parents were inside their house.

Designing a Pool Fence for Your Pets

We should never forget that pets can also accidentally fall into pools. While some dogs can swim, not all can. The same applies to cats and other animals. You can customize a special pool fence for pets by using more durable mesh that’s resistant to biting or clawing. They can also be made tall enough at five or more feet high to eliminate any chance your family cat or cats jump over.

All of these ideas can be successfully implemented here at Beitzell Fence. While we’re known for our traditional residential fencing and commercial fencing, we know the value of a durable mesh in pool fencing as well as in golf netting.

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