Time for a Privacy Fence Installation

Your home is your retreat from the noise and hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you live close to neighbors, in an urban setting or need more privacy in your pool or yard it is time for a new privacy fence installation in Mclean, VA. There is a privacy fence to suit your specific needs. Several types of materials, styles and aesthetic feature options to choose from for a privacy fence. Soon you will be in your private space with a fence to block out prying eyes and give you peace of mind while you enjoy your backyard.

How do you know it is time for a bit more privacy?

  • Yes, you want to be able to sit on your deck or patio in your pajamas while you read your newspaper and sip your morning coffee without prying eyes noticing.
  • If you live in an urban area or a community of closely built homes.
  • Pets are contained and safer within a privacy fence.
  • Children are away from unwanted observance.
  • Privacy fencing creates a secure and private outdoor living space.

Privacy fencing comes a choice of materials, styles, and cost.

Wood Privacy Options

Wood fencing has always been the go-to choice for solid privacy fences. Fences made of wood are popular because they are inexpensive, stain or paint easily, natural, customizable and repairing a fence picket, post or section is an easy repair for a professional fencing company.

Nothing is more natural than wood for privacy fencing. Wood absorbs some sound from the outside. Privacy fences made of wood look natural in a rural setting. Natural looking Cedar and Redwood are insect, rot and weather resistance and often left to weather without stain or paint. However, it is recommended to apply a preservative every few years to Redwood and Cedar fencing for long-lasting beauty.

Other types of wood and composite wood fences come in a variety of styles and decorative features, which are all stain and paint friendly to allow for the look you are aiming for in a privacy fence.

Vinyl Privacy Fences Rising in Popularity

The newest on the privacy fencing scene is vinyl. Vinyl fencing comes in panels. They always look fresh, crack and warp resistant and no need to paint or stain. Vinyl fencing is initially more expensive than wood but makes up for it in the low maintenance. Privacy never looked so good while taking so little effort. Some vinyl fences have the look of wood without the upkeep. Panels of vinyl fencing come in panels from 4 to 6 feet high and 5 to 7 feet wide. Typically, vinyl only comes in white or brown.

A truly beautiful and maintenance-free way to have privacy in your outdoor space. Low maintenance and good-looking vinyl are gaining in popularity. It initially is a more expensive option, but a serious top consideration in your privacy fencing material options.

Fencing Considerations

  • There is a difference in cost of fencing material with wood coming in at the low-end and vinyl is initially more expensive option.
  • Wood is a natural and sustainable resource for environmentally conscious customers.
  • Vinyl provides years of low-maintenance luxury.
  • An addition of a fence around your property adds value to your home.

It is time for a privacy installation in Mclean, VA

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