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Three Types of Gates that Can Be Used for Your Residential Property

Transforming your property into the home you have always dreamed of means having your most-desired qualities, such as a front gate. It is necessary to understand the importance of getting a gate that balances your wants and needs to meshing well with your property. Going through several options for gates should give you enough information to determine the best type to have installed professionally. After all, we’ve installed thousands of gates in our 30 years in business!

Single Walk

If your property happens to lack driveway space, you can invest in a single walk gate that is enough for you to fit through. Having a single walk gate also allows more than just people to fit through, such as pets, bikes, and even some motorcycles can get through the space without running into any problems.

It is ideal to plan this type of gate out with the rest of your property. For instance, this type is gate works well with a picket fence, but if you are interested in another fencing type, you can contact a professional to do a thorough inspection to determine the most fitting option.

Swing Gate

When you have ample driveway space, a swing gate is an excellent choice. It requires a lot of space as the swinging motion needs to happen inward towards your property, which means a property limited on space will not be able to accommodate the needs of this particular gate type.

If there is enough room, you also have the option of investing in double swing gate as they look more visually appealing when compared to single swing gates, but it does require a lot more space.

Sliding Gate

Just because a property may be limited on space, does not mean it has to go without a gate. For instance, you can take advantage of a sliding gate, which only requires space to the left, right, or both sides, but still provides the same function and protection of a traditional swing gate.

Contact us to learn more about gates and the options you have for getting one on your property.

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