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The Benefits of Adding Golf Netting to a Course or Driving Range

Golf netting systems are a great investment for courses and ranges that are looking to keep golf balls where they belong: within the range play. Further, golf netting systems keep spectators and property safe from the potential damage of errant golf balls.

Here are some additional benefits in having a golf netting system installed at your course or range.

Legal Reasons

Owning and operating a golf course or driving range is an exciting, albeit demanding, venture that requires keen attention to a range of details. A crucial aspect of managing these establishments is maintaining safety standards and ensuring that the premises are secure for patrons and their possessions.

Golfers, like other customers, trust the management to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where they can practice and play. This responsibility extends to their belongings, such as the cars they park in the facility’s lot. Protecting patrons’ property and ensuring the safety of the golfers themselves are obligations of the range.

Golf netting systems are a simple yet highly effective solution way to maintain safety and security on a golf course or driving range. These nets are made from high-strength, weather-resistant materials and designed to prevent golf balls from straying.

Spectator Safety

Ensuring spectator safety during golf events is of paramount importance. Spectators often gather around various areas of the golf course to watch professional players, and this could potentially put them in the path of stray golf balls. Therefore, the role of a golf net in maintaining safety during competitions cannot be overemphasized.

A strategically installed golf net can serve as an effective barrier that prevents golf balls from reaching areas where they could cause harm.

Property Protection

Netting has broader implications for public safety beyond the boundaries of the golf course or range. In cases where a golfing facility runs parallel to a public area, such as a road, pedestrian path, or residential area, passersby could inadvertently become targets of poorly hit balls. This can result in accidents or injuries, potentially leading to legal complications for the course or range operator.

Installing golf netting along these areas can significantly mitigate these risks.

Separation Duty

Golf netting systems not only function as protective barriers against external elements but also serve as effective separators within the golf course itself. These systems can be highly valuable in ensuring smooth operation and reducing confusion and potential mishaps, especially in busy golf facilities that support multiple activities simultaneously.

For example, in a facility where a golf course coexists with a driving range, the activities of the players in each area could interfere with each other if no demarcation exists. Without a clear delineation between the two areas, balls from the driving range could stray into the golf course, creating confusion, disrupting games, and potentially leading to injuries. Conversely, balls from the golf course could enter the driving range, posing similar problems.

While each situation is different in terms of need and requirements, there is no denying the importance of golf netting systems. Height, material, UV protection and weather can contribute to this need, not to mention support and netting color. So to get what’s best for you, contact us to discuss which golf net will work best.

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