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Specialty Fence Ideas: Personalized Gates, Pool Fencing, and Small Aluminum Fences

Have you been looking for a specialty fence to go on your residential or commercial property? While standard fence designs can bring everything you need, sometimes you just want to personalize them so you can stand out from everyone else on the street. Other times, it might be necessary to customize because of what the fence is used for and how often it’ll be seen by visitors.

Whatever you have in mind, we can customize it for you here at Beitzell Fence. A few ideas might come to mind that we’ve done before for many customers. They’re practical and aesthetic ideas, yet bring some stylization around your property lines.

Personalized Gates

If you’ve ever been to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, then you know how Elvis Presley arguably started the personalized gate phenomena. After personalizing his entryway gates with representations of himself and musical notes, nobody says you can’t do that yourself. While we can design custom double gates for your own driveway, we’ve taken many requests to add something personal like initials or other personalized items.

Adding initials is fairly common, and it can give a personalized stamp to your property that helps identify you years after you’ve died. The same can apply to other personal designs, whether it be musical notes or other objects representing who you are or your profession.

Customized Pool Fencing

Some people prefer to have pool fencing for various reasons that include both privacy and safety. Many customers like having aluminum see-through pool fencing merely as a way to keep people and animals from entering the property. Others want to have solid paneling so those in neighboring yards can’t secretly watch you or your guests gathering in the pool.

Either way, pool fencing is a good place to customize and where different choices can be made from aluminum fencing all the way to vinyl. The latter is a good way to provide a solid, private fence while mimicking the look of real wood.

Small Aluminum Fencing

Many of our customers use aluminum fences for security, mainly because it’s impossible to climb those type of fences if they’re tall enough. Sometimes, an aluminum fence can be used merely for decorative purposes to mimic the look of an old wrought-iron fence. Perhaps you don’t worry about privacy either and only want a small aluminum fence around your yard to add personal style.

We can certainly design a small aluminum fence for you as a decorative device and ones as small as only a few feet high. We’ll also paint them in the color you want. With powder coating already around the surface, you have a surface that will never rust so you’ll never have to worry about maintenance once a year.

While these just skim the surface on the specialty fences we can create, we invite you to contact us and let us discuss the possibilities. With other options and materials, we can create a fence that sets a statement rather than joining the uniformity of the neighborhood.

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