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Why Install a Beitzell Pool Fence?

For over three decades, Beitzell Fence has proudly served the Northern Virginia community as a family-owned business, specializing in providing top-notch pool fencing solutions. When it comes to enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your pool area, Beitzell Fence is the name you can trust. Discover why our pool fences are the ideal choice for your residential or commercial property:

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Beitzell Fence boasts a wealth of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining pool fences. Our team’s extensive knowledge and skills ensure that you receive the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every property is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made pool fencing solutions to match your specific requirements. Our experts will work closely with you to design a fence that complements the style and functionality of your pool area.
  • Hassle-Free Process: At Beitzell Fence, we take care of all the details, making your pool fence project a seamless experience. From the initial concept to the final installation, our seasoned professionals will guide you through every step of the process.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our commitment to providing unmatched customer service has made us industry leaders. We prioritize your satisfaction and ensure that your pool fencing project is completed to your exact specifications and within your budget.
  • Industry Affiliations: Beitzell Fence is proud to be a dedicated member of the American Fencing Association and the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association. These affiliations highlight our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism in the industry.
A serene swimming pool is viewed through vertical metal bars, with a "NO DIVING" sign visible, surrounded by a fence and a building beyond.

When it comes to pool safety and aesthetics, Beitzell Fence is a name you can rely on. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE and let us transform your pool area with a customized pool fence that not only enhances the beauty of your property but also ensures the safety of your loved ones. Experience the Beitzell Fence difference and trust us to deliver excellence at every stage of your pool fencing project!

“I would definitely use them again”

“We had an aluminum fence installed around our pool. The entire team from the sales rep to the installation team were excellent. Everyone I spoke to or had contact with from Beitzell was very courteous and professional. My wife and I are 100% satisfied. If we ever have a need for another fence, I would definitely use them again.”

– Joel M.

A person is skimming a swimming pool using a long pole with a net, wearing casual work attire, standing by the 3-feet depth marker.

Pool Fence Code

  1. Virginia has laws for residential pools, which include rules around fences, which are as follows.
  2. The pool fence for a pool set into the ground must span at least four feet above ground level as ruled by the state government. Depending on your location, residential rules made by subdivisions and cities can sometimes require pool fences to span five or even six feet in height.
  3. The pool fence for a pool above ground must span at least four feet above the ground as ruled by the state government. You do not need a pool fence if you have an automatic pool cover.
  4. There can be no permanent or semi-permanent structures around the pool fence. This includes electrical boxes, AC units, trees, tree stumps, playground sets, ziplines, or tables.
  5. The laws for wooden fences, in particular in Virginia, can be rather strict, and they are decided by the distance between the vertical and horizontal wooden panels of the fence. If the distance between the vertical and horizontal panels is less than 45 inches (roughly 3.75 feet), there must be less than 1¾ inches (4.445 centimeters) between each vertical panel. If the distance is more than 45 inches, you can have up to 4 inches between the vertical panels.
  6. There can be no more than 2 inches of space between the bottom of the fence and the ground.

Safety First for Pools

The reason for these measures is drowning, which the Center for Disease Control (CDC) listed as the second highest cause of unintentional injury death in children aged fourteen and younger. The CDC also states that adding a pool fence reduces the risk by up to 89%, which is a huge difference. And even if you don’t have kids, if someone gets into your pool and drowns and you are found to have not followed the law or other safety regulations, you will be held legally liable, and incidents such as these carry a hefty fine and sometimes even jail time.

Kids aren’t the only ones in danger, however. A pool with no fence can pose a danger to any pets you may have or visitors you have over. Dogs, in particular, are in danger, especially if the pool is deep or the rim of the pool is slippery. And losing a dog, especially if you’ve had one for a long time, is extremely painful. Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and we’re here to help you get it right!

This image shows an infinity pool overlooking the sea, with a clear blue sky, metal ladder, and a pebbled deck in the foreground.

“They got the whole job completed in one day.”

“Beitzell Fence came out and did an estimate for our pool fence. They showed up on time and had an estimate to us the same day. They scheduled the installation later that week, and everything went smoothly and very professionally. Karen was very nice and always called to check how everything was going. They got the whole job completed in one day. Even cleaned up all debris and were careful not to disturb our landscape. I give them 5 stars. Thumbs Up! Good Service! Thank you, Beitzell Fence !”

– Michael B.

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A serene outdoor swimming pool with clear blue water, surrounded by a metal fence, with a poolside bench and lush greenery in the backdrop.

Pool Fence Options

Now that you’ve got the regulations down for a pool fence, it’s time to get down to business: picking a material, design, and color for your fence.

You can go basic for the sake of monetary value and use, or you can match the fence to your yard aesthetics, completing the look you’ve dreamed of. And we’ve got options for that!

There are some basic types, and we’ll break them down for you, but they do boil down to a couple of options.

Aluminum is the Most Popular Pool Fencing

First, there’s metal. These come in various types, shapes, sizes, and colors, but they are the most common. They can lend a study look or feel to any property.

This is the highest value of the options for the pre-determined types of fence. They have a high level of durability and anti-rust properties. If you get an excellent aluminum pool fence and take good care of it, it can easily last fifty years.

Another benefit is that it gives you a clear view because the slots between the poles allow for excellent visibility, so they don’t block out the rest of the yard or your view of your pool.

In addition, we’ve asked a couple of our customers, and this type of fence seems to be the favorite!

A serene backyard with a clear blue swimming pool, bordered by symmetrical conifer trees and an ornamental metal fence under a bright sky.
This image shows a circular above-ground swimming pool with clear blue water, next to a wooden deck with a railing, in a backyard setting.

Wood Pool Fences Won’t Break the Bank

Second, wood. There are all types here – privacy fences, picket fences: name your choice. From a Japanese-style wooden fence to a simple fence you would see in a backyard, we have it all. And that’s not even accounting for the options you have for color or material!

This type of fence is even more traditional than the aluminum fence and provides privacy that none of the other fences do. Unfortunately, it does block the view of your pool. You can also get it in a picket version if you still want a view of some of your pool, but it can be a bit difficult to manage due to Virginia’s 45-inch law, so going for the privacy fence might be easier, but we can certainly handle a picket! Paddock style wood fences are also common choices.

Wood pool fencing is also very durable and can last to up around 20 years if you work to maintain it. Most of these fences require cleaning, painting, and treatment once or twice a year.

Vinyl Pool Fences Look Great

Third, vinyl. Not as popular or as sturdy as some of the other options, but it gets the job done and is easy to clean. A win-win! Vinyl fences last for decades with minimal maintenance. They give you the highest amount of privacy around your pool because, unlike wood fences, they will not shrink and leave small cracks between boards.

Now that you’ve had an overview of the different materials you can pick if you wish to truly customize your fence, we’ll move on to the pre-determined types, which can give you more insight into the materials you’re picking, how long your fence will last, or how much effort it will take to keep it clean. So let’s get to it!

An outdoor swimming pool area with clear blue water, surrounded by white fencing and lined with blue and white lounge chairs on a sunny day.
A two-story house with a backyard pool at twilight. There's a wooden lounge chair on the patio and a clear sky above.

DIY Pool Fencing?

You can go DIY, with some types of fences, but we wouldn’t recommend it. We’re the experts at ensuring the fence is just right and up to code.

Our workers know fences inside and out, and with us, you’ll have a guarantee for your fence! You won’t have to worry about aluminum posts rusting or the wood on your wooden privacy fence warping.

Just give us a call, and we can help you create the perfect pool fence!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our selection, give us a call. We’re experts at sourcing exactly what you need, and we’d be delighted to help you find your perfect fence!

Aluminum Fences for Pools

If you have children, a pool fence is essential for their safety. An aluminum fence around your pool can also deter animals from entering.

Most local governments require a fence around the perimeter of your pool. We can ensure your new aluminum fence complies with your specific zoning regulations. Just remember to check your local zoning regulations before purchasing an aluminum fence.

Aluminum fencing meets BOCA swimming pool code. It enhances the beauty and safety of your backyard while providing protection. An aluminum fence is easy to install over a weekend with the help of friends or family. Our fences don’t have “good” or “bad” sides; they’re universal, so you don’t even need to worry about which way they face.

This image features a residential backyard with a black metal fence, several small coniferous trees, woodchip landscaping, and a brown house with siding.

“the fence install looks amazing!”

“Very responsive and the fence install looks amazing! Would definitely recommend this company.

– Christa M.

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