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Why Install a Beitzell Chain Link Fence?

When it comes to selecting the right fencing material for your home or property, don’t overlook chain link. Chain link fencing offers the same functional benefits of our other residential fencing materials often at a lower price, and in some cases, it may actually be better suited to your needs.

Chain link fences can be built to any specifications you give us with more options than any other fence type. Whether you want security, functionality, or a great look the team at Beitzell Fence will design and install the right chain link fence for you. Talk to an expert with decades of fencing experience for FREE by contacting us today!

Stone building with a glass door, covered patio area, black metal fence surrounding a graveled space with outdoor furniture, trees in the background.

“You hardly know it’s there”

I wanted a fence for my dog but wanted one that would not be so visible. Had black chain link fence installed. You hardly know it’s there when looking at the house from the street. The fence was installed in the fall of 2007 and is still performing today!!

– B. Hamlet

A joyful dog with a brown and white coat is standing on a wire surface, panting with its tongue out, looking directly at the camera.

Chain Link Fencing For Your Pets

If you have dogs, you may want to set aside a specific area for them to romp on your property. Chain fencing can be installed quickly and will stand up to the most rambunctious of furry friends. Not only that, if your dog is an athlete, chain link fences offer the widest range of heights. We can also bury the base of your fence, to deter your dog from digging out. Beitzell Fence wants to help you keep your pets safe and happy.

Protect Your Gardens

Do you garden? If you do, you know that it’s important to keep critters out of your garden, whether they’re wild or your own. Chain link fencing is perfect for enclosing gardens. Chain link won’t be rotted out by watering, and it also blocks less sunlight than any other fencing material.

You can also use chain link to serve as a backdrop for climbing plants. Using chain link as a trellis just makes sense. It will not rot, and plants more visible from both sides. Minimize your upkeep and spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Two adults and two children are happily gardening together among vibrant flowers. They are planting, with gardening tools and pots on a sunny day.
A sunflower of a bright yellow hue blooms in the garden.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Fencing adds to a home’s value no matter which building material you choose. Chain link fencing may get you the most return on your dollar though, as it tends to be the most affordable material. Not to mention, chain link fences can be installed quickly. So why wait? Contact us for a free estimate and start improving your home today.

“would not hesitate to call on their services again”

“Wonderful company to work with. Professional, responsive, and a great value. I compared rates and reviews for 5 different companies before choosing Beitzell Fence. I absolutely recommend them and would not hesitate to call on their services again.”

– William B.

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Feel More Secure

Of course, just because we can make your chain link fence look good does not mean you can’t have the security it can offer too. It’s undeniable that when people want to protect their property, they turn to chain link.

No matter what height you have Beitzell build your fence, chain link allows you to keep an eye on things. Visibility is key whether you’re looking after kids or pets.

Call and ask our designers about extra security options that we can equip your chain link fence with. Things like buried bases, security gates, and cameras are all features you can choose to add to your chain link fence that can keep you and your family safe.

A family with a child on a person's back smiles in front of a house with a red door and white siding, lying on a green lawn.
A close-up view of a metal chain-link fence with a focus on the intertwined wires, with a softly blurred green background suggesting vegetation.

Less Maintenance with Chain Link Fencing

Unlike wood, your aluminized steel chain link fence doesn’t need much upkeep over the years. There is no staining involved and no risk of weathering or rot. Experience one of our most sturdy products. Our chain link fences are manufactured to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Their zinc coating prevents any corrosion from the natural elements.

Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for functionality either. Everything about chain link is durable, including the aesthetic options. Our stylish vinyl color coating options increase the durability of your chain link fences against rain and snow. But even without the vinyl coating, your chain link fence will withstand weather better than any other material.

At Beitzell, we control every part of our product output. From design to installation to maintenance, we guide your fencing project from ideation to completion and beyond.

“we are elated with the result”

“We recently used Beitzell Fence company to have some fencing installed at our home. They were efficient and professional from the start. We got an estimate very quickly. We received follow up phone calls to answer any questions. The installers arrived on time did an excellent job, cleaned up everything and our fence looks great! I would highly recommend them.”

– Cathy B.

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