A backyard with a grassy lawn, landscaping, a fence, a gate, a tree, and flowers surrounds a building.

Pool Fence Installation For Alexandria, VA Apartment

This Huntington Apartment Complex needed a new fence for their swimming pool to replace an old, outdated fence. So, we were called in to get the job done.

The 6-foot high black aluminum fence has tight spacing with 1.5 inch spacing between the pickets instead of the standard 4 inch. While 4 inches of space is usually fine for fences like these, the city of Alexandria required the tight spacing so we dutifully obliged.

Along with the fence, we installed a double access gate and a single gate for pedestrians. One of the coolest things about this fence is that it is maintenance free. It’s powder-coated so there is no cracking, rusting, or peeling that can be done to it because of the weather.

When all was said and done, this swimming pool ended up with 408 feet of aluminum fence to protect its fun-loving and relaxing patrons. Now residents can enjoy the last weeks of summer with added security.

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