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7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Fencing Contractor

7 things to consider when hiring a fencing contractor

When you have a fence professionally installed around your home, rental, or commercial property, it means that you will have unparalleled safety, security, and beauty for a long time to come.

After all, your property is one of your biggest and most important investments, so it's worth the extra trouble.

But fences do more than secure land, they add visual interest and provide a property divider like no other property boundary can. 

A fence, when installed by a professional, can last decades (if not longer), but this fact relies heavily on who installed the fence in the first place -- not all installers are created equal, nor do they all have the same set of skills. 

Then there's the do it yourself (DIY) method. While you might be comfortable with the concept of laboring through a fence install, chances are that your installation skills are lacking. 

Instead, to have a fence installed properly, you absolutely must seek the expert skills of a fencing contractor. Specialists in the fence installation industry can help turn your fencing dreams into a reality, and they can do it all without trouble or issues.

In this post, we'll provide you with some simple guidelines on choosing and hiring a fencing contractor to install your next fence. We hope that the information that we provide you helps you make an informed decision.

1. Begin with your personal and home's needs. You know what you want to get out of your new fence, so start the process by reviewing materials and packages that suit your property and style. You will find that being informed helps you work better with a fencing contractor.

2. Consider costs. The fence installation process isn't always cheap, unfortunately. So before you decide on a dream fence, remember to calculate material and installation costs. When you come prepared with numbers, your fence installation process will run smoothly.

3. Ask for quotes from more than one contractor. Because fence installation prices vary by the contractor, it's good practice to ask for more than one quote on your fence. After you find the price that you want, you can move onto the next part of the process.

4. Ask for a fence installation contract in writing. The fencing contractor of your choosing will survey your property, speak with you about your needs, and write-up a fencing installation contract. Review each part of the contract before you sign, and ask your chosen contractor to clarify any points that don't make sense.

5. Set up a timeline with your contractor. A fencing contractor is used to working on deadlines, so speak to them about your expectations. A professional fencing contractor will do their best to meet or exceed your expectations on all facets of fence installation.

6. Ensure that the work is guaranteed, and ask if there is a fencing warranty. Many contractors offer these types of incentives to property owners as a way to give back for their business. Don't be afraid to ask your chosen fencing contractor about these types of agreements previous to finishing.

7. Create a relationship that you can trust! The closer that you work with your selected fencing contractor, the better the chances of future fence installation work. A professional fence contractor wants to make you happy. So, if you are content with their work, create a bond! Working with a fencing contractor should be all about trust. 

Having a fence installed by a professional saves you time and trouble. Work closely with your fencing contractor, and get the fence that you truly want and deserve. 

For additional information on how we can help you obtain the fence of your dreams, feel free to contact us today.

Beitzell Fence is a family owned business that has been providing the highest quality fences with unsurpassed services and prices for over 28 years. We are proud members of the American Fencing Association and the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association.

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