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Aluminum Fences Avoid Annual Maintenance

4 high 3 rail aluminum Ovation
Perhaps the only person that ever found the silver lining in whitewashing a fence was Tom Sawyer. It took some creativity and salesmanship, but he made the often dreaded chore worth his while. Of course, not all of us are able to convince the neighborhood kids to pick up a brush. Thankfully, we no longer have to, courtesy of  aluminum fence s. Why Invest in Aluminum Fences? There are many benefits that come from choosing aluminum fences, not the least of which is a reprieve from annual whitewashing tasks. Offhand, we can list at least eight advantages that immediately come...
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8 Reasons You Need a Pool Fence

Pool Fence.jpeg
We all worry about our loved ones. Parents especially want to know they’ve done everything they could to make their homes safe for their children. A pool fence is a vital part of that safety plan. Whether you've moved into a new home with a pool already installed or you’re planning on installing a pool, it's important that you get a pool fence. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs, and they all have one thing in common: security. A pool fence can give you peace of mind, and its other benefits are simply bonuses.  A...
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Celebrating Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing.jpeg
The practicality of chain link fencing is undeniable. Chain link fencing provides a critical layer of security for your home or business without breaking the bank. While some fencing contractors may turn their noses up at chain link fencing, we here at Beitzell Fence know there are several good reasons to celebrate the blue-collar stalwart of the fencing world . Chain Link Fencing is Durable While wooden fences have their advantages, a chain link fence doesn't require heavy maintenance like wood . You won’t find yourself spending a weekend sanding, restaining and finishing chain link fencing. And you won’t have...
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A Wrought Iron Fence will Last a Lifetime

a wrought iron fence will last a lifetime 1
If you’ve been pondering new residential fencing, you may have been put off by the cost of a wrought iron fence. Even so, a wrought iron fence brings definite advantages such as longevity, flexible design options, easy maintenance and durability that make it a great option despite the price tag. What is wrought iron? Wrought iron is an extremely pure form of iron alloy that has been worked by hand until nearly all of the carbon impurities are removed. “Wrought” simply means “worked,” so the name describes the process. In contrast, “cast iron” is heated until liquid and then poured...
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An Aluminum Fence Solves Homeowners’ Woes

Beitzell Aluminum fence
A homeowner’s job is never finished. Even when there’s not urgent repairs or maintenance, you’re always thinking about ways to make your house look more attractive – a new shrub here, stepping stones there. You also think about your family or pets and ways to make them more secure. Sometimes, you even think about what you can do to make your home more attractive to future buyers. An ornamental aluminum fence can cover all your bases . An Aluminum Fence is a Secure, Elegant Solution An aluminum fence adds beauty, value and security to your home with several distinct advantages...
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A Privacy Fence Won’t Let You Down

  As the housing market accelerates, the demand for fences also increases, making it a billion-dollar industry with an annual growth of up to 21 percent. This only shows that homeowners put greater value on their privacy, which translates to a healthy fence construction industry. This claim is further supported by a published study titled “Fencing - Industry Market Research, Market Share, Market Size, Sales, Demand Forecast, Market Leaders, Company Profiles, Industry Trends.” It stated that the largest share of fencing demand comes from the residential building market, which is predicted to outpace all other markets through to 2020. But...
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Wood Fences Would Be an Excellent Addition

wood fences would be an excellent addition
Having your wood fence replaced or installed is not always the most modern choice, but some facts make them very desirable. They do block out bad neighbors, a variety of types of wood are available and they also can add a decorative style to your home.  There is also a fence for everyone’s tastes and of course, budget. Call Beitzell Fence Company today to take advantage of a free quote on your wooden fence or any type of fence at all. Everything You Need to Know About Wood Fences   Going back as far as 400 years in this country,...
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Exceptional Fencing Service from Beginning to End

exceptional fencing service from beginning to end
Beitzell Fence wants everyone in an area to witness their exceptional service from beginning to end. The first time a potential client reaches out to Beitzell Fence Company, a warm greeting followed by the confident voice of an industry expert staff member assures that Beitzell Fence Company is surely knowledgeable and highly proficient.   One of Beitzell’s fencing experts comes to your property, hears the property owner’s needs, then offers the most economical and efficient solution to match the needs and desires.  In many cases, the job can be underway fairly quickly. Beitzell Fence Company does visit their built fences...
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Fencing Provides the Solution for Drug Control

fencing provides the solution for drug control
Maryland and Northern Virginia properties have had the benefit of a high quality commercial and residential fencing company for over 30 years.  Beitzell Fence Company takes their reputation very seriously, so their work is always a cut above.  Their customer service experience, from consultation through well after the sale is done, is unmatched. Contact them today to see how your area could be protected or enhanced by the numerous options Beitzell Fence Company offers. “Drug catapult mounted on Arizona-Mexico border fence is first of its kind” Rafael Carranza , | U.S. Customs and Border Protection says agents discovered...
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Our Fencing Clients Love Our Work

our fencing clients love our work
Beitzell Fence Company has been supplying residents of Virginia and more with quality fencing at an affordable price for over 30 years.  They specialize in commercial and residential work, ensuring that when you need need a fence on your property, then Beitzell is your best option. Beitzell has performed work on, or is able to install commercial fences on these areas: Homeland Security, Military Bases, Force Protection, Shipyards, Airfields, Infrastructure Development, National Landmarks, Correctional Institutions , Power Plants, Chemical Production, Manufacturing, Mining, Transmission Lines, Industrial Complexes, Hospitals, University Campuses, Commercial Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Storage Facilities, Kennels , Sports Stadiums,...
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Why a Wood Fence?

why a wood fence
*Wood fences are one of the most popular choices in residential neighborhoods.  In recent years, vinyl fences have become popular because of their ability to last longer than traditional wood fences made of pine.  However, many wood fence options exist for suburban and residential properties which can enable your home to stand out and display its unique qualities.   These articles display why you would want a wood fence.     “Here's Why you Should Buy a Wooden Fence From Us”     Whether it is to keep dogs and toddlers in, to keep prowlers and intruders out, or just to show off your beautiful gardens,...
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Plan for a Baseball Backstop Now Before the Season Begins

plan for a baseball backstop now before the season begins
Before you know it, it'll be time for Spring Training, and baseball season will be back in full bloom, entertaining us all and providing you with an outlet for physical activity and competition. Or, if you're a parent, providing you with the complete joy of watching your children compete and have fun, while they learn the basics and stay healthy. So whether you're a baseball batting cage service, a parent looking for a baseball backstop for their backyard, or a larger practice facility or baseball park, quality netting is important for safety and security. For Backyards For kids practicing, a baseball backstop can...
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How Wood Fence Installation May Increase Your Home Value

how wood fence installation may increase your home value
Allow us to let you in on an industry secret: a wood fence possesses magical powers of transformation. When the right fence is professionally installed, you’ll reap the benefits of improved appearance, increased safety, and added home value. When looking to add value to your property, consider the following points. Aesthetics In order to ensure your fence installation results in increased property value, you should select a fence that complements the architecture of your home. Additionally, the fence should fit in well with the surrounding homes. While an elegant wooden fence may increase home value, prospective buyers are less likely...
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Why Wood Fence Installation May be Right for Your Home

why wood fence installation may be right for your home
Seeking to update or add a fence on your property but still unsure what you are looking for? Check out these 3 reasons why wood fence installation may be the right choice for you. Whether you are looking for privacy or want to update your home, We can help from start to finish. Safety and Security Need a fence that provides a safe and secure area for you and your loved ones to relax, enjoy and play? Or maybe trying to keep wildlife and other hassles at bay? Whatever your reason, a wood fence may be a perfect bet. This...
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5 Ways to Customize Your Chain Link Fence

5 ways to customize your chain link fence
We are huge fans of the humble chain link fence. After all, we have spent much of our 28 years in the business building beautiful chain link fences for homes and businesses alike. Chain link is a very affordable option that is durable and stands up well to just about any type of inclement weather. Chain link is also ideal in keeping pets and children safe and secure in the yard. Along with our love of chain link fencing, we also know that it can look a bit uniform. Many people think that one chain link fence looks pretty much...
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Privacy Fence Installation: Is it Right for You?

privacy fence installation is it right for you
When should you consider privacy fence installation ? With so many fencing options available to you, why should you invest in a privacy fence? If you're considering installing a new fence, you need to consider these four questions before choosing your fencing solution. Do you live near a busy road? If there is heavy vehicle or foot traffic on your road, a privacy fence will stop people from looking into your home. Regardless of whether you live in an area with a high or low crime rate, a privacy fence can keep the rest of the world separate from your...
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Why Install a Fence on your Property?

why install a fence on your property
Wondering whether or not to install a new fence on your property at home? You should consider a fence install for a variety of reasons including appeal and security. Check out the following styles of fences you might want to install in your yard: Fence Designs & Styles to Consider Picket Fence Cedar Fence Board on Board Vinyl Fence Chain Link Aluminum Fencing Iron Fence Wrought Iron Interested in any of the above fence styles/designs? Contact us today to make your dream come true! Check out the full fence design and style article. Call today for a free estimate!
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4 Tips for Choosing Which Privacy Fence Suits You Best

4 tips for choosing which privacy fence suits you best
When you own your home, having a fence is essential for most. There are many that you can choose from, but by and large  privacy fences  are a top pick. Regardless, you need to consider many things when choosing a fence, such as whether privacy is your only concern, or if you want it to contain children and pets, or even just add something to your home’s curb appeal. Cost, maintenance and even your neighborhood may affect the choice of fence as well. On average, you should set aside between $2,500 and $8,000 for a new fence, depending on the...
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Wood Fence Design Ideas for You

wood fence design ideas for you
Check out these terrific wood fencing ideas which will undoubtedly give your yard a terrific look. They include unique approaches to the classic look of a wood fence. There is no better look than a well designed wooden fence! Check out the full article on HGTV . Call today for a free estimate!
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What Can a 4 Board Oak Paddock Style Fence do for you?

what can a 4 board oak paddock style fence do for you
Trying to decide on a fence for your property? See if any of these advantages below will convince you to install a 4 board oak paddock style fence: Oak is a longer lasting wood fence option. Typically used for horse fencing. Great for horse farms. Wire mesh can be added for extra security. Offers a great look! Call today for a free estimate!
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