A fence encloses the yard, with a house in the background.

Is It Possible to Have a Fence Installed in Winter?

That, Now that old man winter is finally knocking on the front door, many people who had fence dreams are likely ready to give them up until warm weather returns. But the question remains for those who want a fence this winter: is it possible to install a fence in winter? The answer is yes!

So if you just moved into a new house and need privacy now; or you have kids that want to play in the snow without the prying eyes of the neighbors, installing a winter fence is absolutely an option.

Here are some other reasons getting a fence company to install a fence in winter can benefit you.

Easier to Get on the Schedule

Think about it, during spring and summer fence season is in full swing. Finding someone to estimate and install can be a hassle. During winter, fencing contractors are much easier to wrangle in.

Contractors do not have full slates during the winter and will often give you better treatment if you can help them fill their calendar. It’s better for them to have something for their crews to do than to sit idle.

Reduced prices

Depending on the material you choose, the price for things like lumber can be greatly reduced during the winter. If there is a savings, it will be passed on to you by the contractor.

That said, everything is dependent on the supply chain. As we’ve seen in recent years, outside circumstances can drive material prices up at any time, so don’t expect reduced prices on materials simply because it’s winter.

Frees up time for early spring projects

Because you are having a fence installed in the winter while you are warm and cozy inside, this means that when warmer weather returns, you can get out and do all of your spring projects behind the privacy of your new fence.

Spare your neighbors the sight of a half-finished garden or an in-progress deck construction. Get the fence up now!

When It’s Not Possible to Install a Fence

Finally, it should be noted that there are instance where installing a fence is simply not an option.

When the ground has been effected by long periods of cold and is experiencing perma-frost, it is nearly impossible to dig deep enough for proper installation. Even a fence contractor with proper equipment will likely not be able to penetrate the ground.

Further, if snow accumulation is an issue and is acting like a barrier, it’s better to simply wait.

Otherwise, don’t let winter dash your fence dreams. Please contact us to discuss how we can get you the fence you want this winter.

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