How Wood Fence Installation Fixes Property Deficits

Apr 19, 2018 | Wood Fencing

They say that a good fence makes good neighbors and while that is true, wood fence installation can cure other woes too. In this beautiful property blog, we explore some of the ways that the installation of a wooden fence benefits the property and its owners.

Property Deficits

Property deficits are a range of issues that decrease the livability of a home or business. They include things like:

  • Privacy issues
  • Eyesores
  • Noise pollution, and
  • Unwanted intrusions.

A wood fence can help solve or reduce some of these problems by creating a multipurpose barrier that improves the livability of a property. Let’s explore.

Wood Fencing A Perfect Answer to Noise Pollution

There are many sources of noise pollution. Perhaps the most common come from the noise traffic creates on a busy street. Along freeways, they install tall stone walls that help to block traffic noise. On a busy city street, installation of a tall stone wall is not likely to occur unless the property owner wants to foot the bill, deal with permitting, and screen contractors. Wood fence installation, on the other hand, is a solution that is acceptable in most neighborhoods, by most city planning departments and at a cost that is a mere fraction of what you would spend on a large stone wall. Wood is an excellent tool for redirecting sound. A wood fence is hard enough to bounce sound back from where it came. If combined with a wooden trellis, the effects become even “quieter” with the addition of climbing plants. Roses, aromatic vines, and even ivy make good choices for climbing plants. Projects such as this one help add privacy to your yard while diminishing noise pollution.

Decrease Privacy Issues with a Wooden Fence

There are many privacy issues that crop up around a home. Sometimes it is the simple fact that your neighbor’s window faces right into yours. Sometimes privacy issues involve keeping the contents of your yard private. You might not want to advertise a garden shed or new patio furniture to everyone on the street. Wood fencing helps deter crime by keeping valuables hidden. Wood fencing also helps to create a safer yard where kids can play and pets can roam. Enclosing your yard allows you to enjoy that space without the intrusion from neighbors or people on the street. What you gain when you install a fence is a place where you can extend your home. This allows you to enjoy outdoor living, beautiful landscaping, and maybe even a pool.

Wood fencing makes an excellent barrier that gives a home more privacy. Wood also pairs nicely with trellises, arbors, and pergolas to create even more privacy. If you want to block the view into your yard from second story windows, add a pergola or arbor. These allow you to enjoy the shaded areas in summer without the intrusions.

Relieve Eyesores with Beautiful Wood Fencing

Eyesores, such as utility boxes, your neighbor’s camper or old junk cars are immediately improved when you add a wooden fence to your property. Wood fencing makes a beautiful tool to blot out landscape features that are not pleasant to view. These are examples of objects that are outside of your control to fix. The only solution is to block them from sight. Wood does just that. Plus you gain the benefit of replacing the unsightly with something that is more impressive. There are many stunning wood fence designs that not only block the unsightly but improve your home’s livability. A fencing cap extends the height of a tall wooden fence and adds visual interest.

Stop Intrusions Before They Start with a Beautiful Wood Fence

A wooden fence creates a barrier that keeps people and pets where they belong. You might have a beautiful front yard but who wants to play in the neighbors’ pet latrine. Fencing helps keep dogs off your lawn so that your rolling green lawn becomes a perfect place to enjoy being an active parent. A fence also keeps strangers from just walking into your yard and eliminates intrusions before they become a reality. If your home is your sanctuary, then a wood fence makes it more so. The benefit of a wood fence is that you gain the personal use of all your property. No more dealing with people cutting across your lawn or pestering you while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Wood Fencing as a Design Element

A well-crafted wood fence adds instant value to your property. Wood is a remarkable building material. One of its best features is that combines easily with other types of fencing materials. Allowing for the creation of stunning landscapes and beautiful barriers. Quality wood fencing creates a barrier and allows you to show off your beautiful home. As part of your landscaping design, wood fences help to create a feel and richness without being obtrusive. Imagine a picket fence with a scalloped pattern painted to match your home’s trim. Such a fence is not only welcoming but beautiful. Because wood makes a wonderful building material you can create unique fencing designs that match your home’s architecture.

Whether you need a tall fence for added privacy or a decorative fence that provides a barrier the Beitzell Fence Company can help. We create wood fences for residential and commercial properties. We use the highest grade wood, quality hardware and our installation crews are highly skilled and experienced. We offer free estimates and are happy to discuss fence design or help you choose a fencing style that matches your needs and your property. Reach out to us with your fencing questions and our professionals will happily answer your questions or provide you with a free estimate.

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