How to Prevent Rusting on Black Gates and Fences

When preventing rusting on wrought iron gates, the fence should be regularly checked for oxidation, scratch marks, and indentations. Scratches and other similar forms of damage on the surface of the a paint job will allow moisture to seep through, and come into contact with the wrought iron surface, leading to its oxidation.

Rust Blockers: Sealant Against Moisture and Air

It is important to make a note of all the possible areas where moisture can accumulate and penetrate. Nooks and crevices such as joints, hinges and motifs are found to be susceptible areas. A spray on “rust blocker” should be sprayed on these points. Oxidation may also occur in isolated areas. After spraying, these places should be left alone for the blocker to adhere to the metal surface. If able, try to spray the metal indoors, away from outside elements. If you are not able to move the piece of metal indoors, then apply the rust blocker on a warm, sunny day. After the application, the area should be rinsed thoroughly with water. Incase any rust remains, the process should be repeated.

Rust Converter: How Do They Work?

  • Chemically alter rust
  • Creates a glossy, black finish
  • Ideal for black wrought iron fences

Rust converters work by converting the rusted oxides into a black layer that is more resistant to moisture. Preparations should be made for a thorough application of the rust converter. Large areas affected by rust can be removed with the help of a wire brush. Smaller areas will be neutralized by the converter. The rust converter should be applied with a brush, while larger areas should be taken care with the help of a paint roller. After the application of the rust converter over the entire surface, it should be left to dry. Once the rust converter dries, primer paint should be applied over it with a spray gun or paint brush. It should be topped off with a double coating of oil-based paint in long strokes to ensure long-lasting protection.

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