The gate encloses the yard, with a house visible in the background.

Fence and Gate Installation for Manassas, VA Gated Community

Installing quality fences and gates is more than about satisfying the customer. It’s also about abiding by regulations that may be beyond the homeowner’s control. Take this job in Manassas, VA for example:

This 4 foot high black aluminum fence was installed because the HOA required all homes in this community to have this particular type of fence; the height was also determined by the HOA.

But, before you think this 260 foot gate doesn’t have any character, it’s worth mentioning that this installation came with both a double gate and a single gate. The single gate is for your your average foot traffic, like letting the folks come over for a friendly barbecue. The double gate is for lawnmowers and extra large turkey fryer pots to fit through.

Life is already a chore, the least we can do is make it a little more convenient.

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