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Double Gates: Where Should They Be Placed?

Have you ever considered placing double gates on a fence surrounding your property? A gate is an important part of a fence that should always have serious consideration on its use. Even more so, it’s important where you place that gate so you can use it for entering a particular place, as a gateway for your car, or in a strategic spot to keep an eye on.

When it comes to security and aesthetic quality, a double gate may be exactly what you want as a way to send a statement.

Here’s some suggestions on where you might want to place your double gates and design them in a way so they blend into your fence.

Placing a Double Gate as Entry to a Garden or Yard

Using a double gate to enter a garden or yard space can create real charm. Particularly when you have a full door size double gate, opening it up to a well-landscaped backyard space can bring stunning appeal if you have regular visitors. Where you place that gate, though, should be seriously considered.

You might want to place your gate in an area where you can monitor regularly if you worry about security. While locks are easily applicable, a wooden double gate might be a concern if they’re along a street corner behind your house where people pass by regularly. In that regard, placing a double gate on fencing near the front part of your house might be better based on the quality of your neighborhood.

Placing a Double Gate in Front of a Driveway

This stylish approach to the double gate can give your property a little more security by preventing people from pulling into your driveway. With the ability to install remote openers, your gates don’t have to be opened manually. They can also represent a particular style of who you are based on the materials you use or custom design choice. Everything from see-through iron double gates to non-see-through wooden double gates set an immediate message about how much security you want with your driveway and cars.

Double Gates at Foot of Front Pathway

As a throwback to the old picket fence days of yore, you might want to place a picket double gate at the front walkway of your home. Unless you’re extremely private, these don’t have to be any taller than a few feet high to provide some charm to the outside of your home. When you add some flowers and other plantings nearby, you add even more of an appealing aesthetic for guests arriving at your home. Don’t make these gates complicated to open either so your guests won’t have trouble getting to your front door.

Blending Your Double Gates in with a Surrounding Fence

If you have a double gate in a place that isn’t always monitored, you can have it blend in with the rest of your fence by doing a few things. First, painting the gates the same color as the surrounding fence helps create a seamless line that makes it more difficult to determine where the gates are. Plus, making the gates the same height as the other fencing gives the illusion of being a part of the fence rather than a gateway. Eliminating handles from the outside also helps it look less tempting.

Despite these suggestions, you can create a double gate in any fashion you want here at Beitzell Fence. We specialize in every type of fencing imaginable and can help design a double gate your family will love using for generations.

Contact us so we can help you build the fence you’ve always wanted. We provide quality fencing for not only the home but also commercial property.

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