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Secure Your Business With Custom Security Gates

We know that business owners and property managers have a lot to consider when buying commercial fencing. You need to secure and protect your property with a sturdy gate that doesn’t clash with the surroundings.

At Beitzell Fence, we know the perfect balance between looks, security, and pricing for a security gate. Let us bring that expertise to your project.

This image shows a long, metal chain-link fence on a patchy, grassy ground. There's fog or haze in the background with a blank sky.

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This image shows an ornate black metal gate with red stop signs, flanked by brick pillars with lanterns, leading to a residential area with houses and greenery.

Security Gates Make You Money

Paying guards for round-the-clock security? Want to save money on salary cost? Install a high-tech security gate and save. Have our gates keep your business safe. Don’t worry about hiring extra security staff. Our gates are proven to do the job.

Let our gates prevent thefts and robberies. With our high-tech gates, criminals have a difficult time trespassing your property. Keep you and your inventory safe with a gate from Beitzell.

Installing our gates also adds to the value of the property. A high-tech gate looks very appealing to a potential buyer. Let us add a practical addition to your property while you reap the rewards.

Security Gates Protect Your People

We know your property is a sign of your hard work and dedication. There is an emotional attachment that stretches beyond being just a place of business. Employees and clients are also high priority, and their safety cannot be overlooked.

Keep your business secure with one of our entrances. Guard your inventory and property with a hardy barrier. Grant your employees and clients peace of mind with a gate from Beitzell Fence.

Let us help you keep your assets safe and secure.

A wooden gate is attached to metal poles with a gravel driveway leading up to it. Trees and a white truck are visible in the background.
A closed gray metal gate with vertical bars, attached to a fence, set against a brick building with a contrasting red element on the right.

Security Gates Ease Entry

Looking for a more efficient way of checking in guests and deliveries? Our high-tech gates provide a smooth and easy way to provide authorization. Why hire guards when our gates provide password-protection daily?

Reduce long lines. Make entering and exiting your business a breeze. Our high-tech gates keep your property safe while also keeping it thriving.

Keep track of the entries and exits with digital logs. Don’t dig through physical documents and records. Make your security simple and easy with our gates.

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