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Maximize Space, Minimize Spend:
Chain Link Fencing for Commercial Needs

A commercial chain link fence is a real cost saver. Are you on a budget, but you need to fence in a huge area? A chain link fence from Beitzell comes through in a pinch.

Our low prices aren’t the only selling point for our chain link fencing. It’s strong security and can be fitted with the latest in high-tech enhancements.

An industrial area with a chain-link fence, a gate on wheels, red-painted building walls, large storage tanks, and various outdoor materials.

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This is an image of a locked chain-link gate, likely at an industrial facility, with some greenery and clear skies visible.

A Chain Link Fence Secures Property

Feel secure with our most functional fence type. Our chain link fences can be designed and installed to meet your concerns. Need to keep out trespassers? Let us construct a high chain fence for your property. Barbed wire and a buried bottom can be installed too, adding that extra layer of protection. Or maybe you need a more formidable barrier? Our fences can be the base for security cameras and sensors. Let us give you the surveillance tools you need.

Need something more technologically secure? Feel safe and sound with our advanced access control measures. Add password-protected or ID entry gates to get the most security out of your fence.

Keep out thieves and vandals. Let us install security extras to keep your business or property safe and secure.

A Low-Maintenance Solution

Experience one of our most sturdy products. Our chain link fences are manufactured to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Their zinc coating prevents any corrosion from the natural elements. Add in a vinyl coating and see your fence stand up against heavy rains and snow. Keep your property secure even through the worst climates.

Scared that a chain link fence will require strenuous upkeep? Not with a Beitzell fence. Our chain link fences need no sanding, no staining, and no finishing. Our fences will last you for decades. However, if your fence dose need a touch up, don’t sweat! Chain link fences are easy to fix and repairs are low in price.

Is your fence not looking as shiny and new after a big storm? Not a problem! Our chain link fences are easy to maintain. Just a few minutes with a hose and a brush every few years can maintain that shine while also keeping out trespassers.

A fenced area with a chain-link gate encloses an old military vehicle. A wooden post stands in the foreground on a gravel ground with greenery around.

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