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Protect Players & Spectators with Batting Cages & Baseball Netting

The safety of players and fans is the top priority at a baseball field. Protect them both with thorough fencing and a netting plan from Beitzell Fence.

A baseball backstop fence stands in the foreground against a serene sunset. The sky displays warm hues of orange and blue. A sign reads "FIELD 9".

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A person is inside a baseball batting cage on a sports field with empty bleachers, a lacrosse goal, and leafless trees in the background.

Batting Cages

Looking for easy ways to let players practice hitting and pitching? Add batting cages to your field. Batting cages provide a simple way to keep both players and spectators safe during practices and warm-ups. Our cages can be fitted with drape netting to deaden ball impacts and reduce ricochets. Customize the right cage for your players. Our expert team is set to service any request you may have.

Backstops and Fences

Protect your spectators from foul balls with a high-strength backstop. Don’t worry about missed pitches, crazy balls, or flying bats. Let us create a backstop that fits your stadium. We can modify the backstop to any shape and size. We can fill a full field or just a simple practice space. Have the best form of protection with a backstop suited just for you. Fencing is also very important for your field. Let us install a barrier that fits your unique needs. We can customize a fence from its height to wire gauge to even the coating. Looking to keep out distractions? Let us add privacy slats to keep out any distractions. Concerned about player safety? Add padding to your fence and give the outfielders much-needed protection.

A baseball field is partially obscured by a high chain-link fence with a sign; lights are mounted on poles, and the weather is cloudy.
A green lift vehicle is parked beside a baseball field with high protective nets, bleachers, and suburban houses under a cloudy sky.

Baseball Netting

Keep your patrons safe while also making ball retrieval easier with netting for your baseball field. Keep your liability low and your protection high with netting around the field. With spectator safety becoming a growing concern, stay ahead of the game and add netting to your park.

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