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Aluminum Fences: Curb Appeal Meets Sturdy Protection

Thinking about getting commercial aluminum fencing for your property? Well, you would be making the right choice. Our aluminum fences not only offer curb appeal, but also they are the hardiest and most reliable fences that we offer.

With the styling and height of our commercial aluminum fences, intruders will have a tough time entering your property. Be safe. Feel secure. And you won’t have to bother with recurring maintenance with an aluminum fence.

The image shows a covered walkway with black railings overlooking a sports field where people are engaged in an outdoor activity, likely a soccer match.

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The image shows a beige and gray vertical slat fence alongside a concrete pathway, with trees in the background under a clear sky.

Commercial Aluminum Fencing for Security

Worried that an intruder might get over your commercial aluminum fence? Our fences have parallel bars in each fencing panel, making climbing your fence almost impossible. Want an extra sense of security? Our fences can be installed at almost untraversable heights. Give trespassers a hard time with an aluminum fence.

Commercial Aluminum Fences with Specialized Pickets

Make trespassers think twice about jumping your aluminum fence. At Beitzel Fence, we can add spear pickets to the top of the fence, giving that extra boost of security. Worried about animals getting through? We offer double spear pickets to prevent small animals from squeezing through

A commercial aluminum fence is the way to go. Let us instal a fence to your own height, requirements, and requests, while you enjoy the sense of security and a low-maintenance barrier.

This image shows an ornate black metal gate with red stop signs, flanked by brick pillars with lanterns, leading to a residential area with houses and greenery.
A black metal fence mounted on a wooden retaining wall along a dirt path with a commercial building in the background under a clear sky.

Commercial Aluminum Fencing Doesn’t Rust

Worried about rust and worn-out paint? You won’t have to worry with a commercial aluminum fence. Unlike a wrought-iron fence, you won’t have to worry about rust. Don’t hassel over yearly repainting like with a wooden fence. An aluminum fence will retain its color.

Let us fit you with a durable fence that is right for you. Get that custom design you’ve always wanted. Invest in the best security with an aluminum fence.

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