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Beitzell Fence designs, installs and maintains commercial fencing for business, industrial, institutional, municipal and government projects. Our commercial products include security fences, gates and access control systems. For over 30 years, Beitzell Fence has delighted public and private clients who want safety, security and style. Our commercial fencing clients aim to monitor, control and restrict access to their sites. We protect our client’s assets with state-of-the-art systems.

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Your Partner in Security

Our commercial fencing experts allow owners, designers and contractors to blend aesthetics and effectiveness to create turnkey perimeter security. We plan, execute and complete the work on time and within budget. Our staff is dedicated to meeting our clients’ requirements. We allow governments and businesses to monitor and control access and deter those whose entry must be restricted.
Our commercial fencing and security solutions provide protection that safeguard many types of facilities:

Government & Military Assets

Homeland Security, Military Bases, Force Protection, Shipyards, Airfields, Infrastructure Development, National Landmarks, Correctional Institution

Industry & Commerce

Power Plants, Chemical Production, Manufacturing, Mining, Transmission Lines, Industrial Complexes, Hospitals, University Campuses, Commercial Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Storage Facilities, Kennels

Public Accomodations

Sports Stadiums, Public Parks, Ball Fields, Golf Courses, Hotels, Religious Establishments, Amusement Parks, Museums, Cemeteries, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts

Municipal Facilities

Public Safety Centers, Police Stations, Fire Departments, Armories, Treatment Plants, Schools, Landfills, Jails, Maintenance Yards, Pump Stations

Transportation & Infrastructure

Airports, Bridges, Highways, Rail Lines, Train Stations, Subways, Bus Terminals, Pedestrian Cross-overs, Ports, Depots, Pipelines
Military bases with sensitive information. Shipyards that need to keep out trespassers. Monuments that officials want to protect from vandals. Power plants with dangerous high-voltage equipment. We can tackle a wide variety governmental and business projects.

Generations of Expertise

The Beitzell family has been devoted to giving our clients peace of mind for over 30 years. Our specialized knowledge in residential and commercial fencing is unparalleled in the region. We put that wealth of knowledge to use for our commercial fencing clients. At Beitzell Fence, we know exactly what our clients need and how to achieve those goals. Whatever your needs, we’ve done it hundreds of times. We can handle unexpected wrinkles, special requests and unique circumstances because we’ve seen it all before. Creative solutions are our specialty. Beitzell’s experts are licensed, bonded and insured. And we know how to get permits for whatever project you need. You’ll spend less time on paperwork.

Commercial Chain Link Fence

A commercial chain link fence saves you money. Do you need to fence in a large area on a budget? You will not find a better deal than a chain link fence from Beitzell. But the price tag isn’t the only reason to consider our chain link fencing. Chain link provides a great level of security. Our chain link also comes with options for security enhancements.

Secure Your Property

This is our most versatile fence type. We can install it to heights far higher than any trespasser would want to risk climbing. Your chain link fence can fend off prying eyes with privacy slats. It can serve as an anchor point for security cameras and sensors. You can use it to completely fortify your property with a buried bottom and barbed wire on top. And, of course, chain link fencing can accommodate advanced access control measures like high-tech gates with code or ID card entry. A chain link fence with security extras makes your business or public asset a harder target for thieves and vandals. These opportunists will look for easier targets elsewhere.

A Low-Maintenance Solution

Chain link is one of our most durable products. A zinc coating prevents corrosion. If you opt for an extra vinyl coating, you will add even more protection. These coatings keep weather at bay. Your chain link fence will stand up to heavy rains and snow. Chain link generally does not require maintenance. No sanding, staining or finishing. Your fence should last decades. But if it does need work, repairs are simple and cheap. You’ll likely need to wash your chain link fence with a hose and brush to get rid of stains caused by extreme weather. Just a few minutes every few years.

Commercial Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is one of the toughest and most durable fences you’ll ever own. That’s why they’re so common with residential clients. But is it one of the best options for your commercial property? The answer is a resounding “yes,” for a variety of reasons. When you consider the styling of the fence and the height, an aluminum fence can easily keep intruders out. You’re also saved from needing to do recurring maintenance.

Aluminum Fencing for Security

With parallel bars in each fencing panel, you don’t have to worry about someone getting a foothold to climb over the fence. No one will be able to try with an aluminum fence. We also install aluminum fences at heights that would make even someone with rope or a ladder think twice about an attempt.

Specialized Pickets

Many people choose to put spear pickets at the top of their aluminum fencing. Spear picks add even more security. They make anyone think twice about jumping a fence. While you can customize the height of your aluminum fence, the higher it is, the more security you’ll have. You can select double pickets as well. Some businesses choose these so smaller animals can’t squeeze through normal pickets that are spaced a little farther apart. In addition to security, you also won’t have to go out every summer and deal with regular maintenance.
Metal forged fence with sharp ends

Aluminum Doesn’t Rust

Unlike wrought-iron fencing, you won’t have to worry about rust with aluminum. The paint will never wear either, so you don’t have to worry about annual painting as you would with a wooden fence. Aluminum fencing ultimately works like a perpetually durable security guard for you. We can bring that and a custom design to your own business at a reasonable price.

Commercial Security Gates

Business owners and property managers have a lot on their minds. They need to protect their property and people who use it, while also taking into account aesthetics and convenience. With this mishmash of competing concerns, a security gate provides balance.

Gates Make You Money

A high-tech security gate can be a big up-front investment. But that expense can save you tons over the lifetime of a security gate. A gate with access controls functionally replaces an entire employee. You don’t need a security guard manning your entrance point, which means no salary or health care costs. If you need round-the-clock security, that could mean three shifts worth of savings. Gates can pay off their construction costs quickly. A security gate also protects your inventory and assets. If only possible exit for a robbery is blocked by a gate, thieves can’t get a big score off you. You won’t have to spend on replacing inventory or assets. Gates also add value to your property. If you want to sell later, you’ll have an easier time with the added security feature. You open your property to a world of buyers for whom increased site security is a MUST.

Gates Protect Your Stakeholders

Your business or property represents years of hard work. It’s not just a financial asset or a place of work. You may have dozens or hundreds of employees who trust you to keep them safe. They may leave their cars in your lot, counting on you to ensure their property is safe. They may work late into the night or early mornings, relying on you to keep the space free of intruders. You owe it to the people on your property to take every step to boost safety that you can. They deserve peace of mind.
Fence Gate Arm

Gates Ease Entry

A high-tech gate streamlines your entry process. Clearances can be checked quickly, which is great for businesses that accept lots of deliveries. Incoming trucks can be given the day’s passcode and enter the delivery area without the long process of authentication with a human guard. Shorter entrance times reduce bottlenecks and long lines. Authorized people can enter and exit much quicker than with other access control options. With an advanced system, your entry and exit logs can be digitized. No more digging through paper records when you need to check logs.

Gates Look Fabulous

An underrated aspect of security gates are the aesthetic benefits. Our designers can fashion a gate that blends perfectly with your building or property. From wood on a steel frame to aluminum or wrought iron, there’s a large variety to work with. Your gate can be customized to your specifications. You have options for sliding gates, folding gates and swinging gates. And, of course, it can be painted whatever color best suits your property. Your gate is likely the first thing a visitor will notice about your business or property. It’s your one chance to make a good first impression. When you work with our expert designers, you can rest assured that you’re starting off on the right foot with you visitors.

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