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Choose the Best Privacy Fence Installation in McLean, VA for Your Property

Fencing comes in a range of styles and materials, from chain link fencing suitable for securing a backyard for pets and children, to wrought iron or white picket fences that add substantial curb appeal to your home and property. The fencing you choose should add to your home’s exterior and provide a sense of security and home. How do you decide what is the best privacy fence installation in McLean, Va for you, your home, your property and your family? We have some tips!

Take a hard look at your home: Is it brick and traditional, or a low-slung ranch? What about your yard? Is it small or expansive? The area you live in – is it very rural or more of an urban setting? All of these things play into which type of fencing will look best and serve your desired purposes well.

Consider how much privacy you want. Do you want to completely block out the neighbors and any traffic? Then full coverage privacy fencing is right for you. On the other hand, if you’d still like to see outside your property line, then partial coverage is what you are after, and there are many more fencing options available.

What about materials and maintenance? Determining the best materials to use for your fence depend to a great extent on your physical location, the layout of your lot and landscaping and your needs. What is the overall climate like? Do you get a lot of snow, rain or heavy winds in your area? Avoiding non-galvanized chain link fencing or bare aluminum is wise. Selecting materials that work well for your property can save you money in the long run. Though all fences need maintenance, proper installation of the right type of fencing for the area will require far less upkeep.

How much does it cost? For almost all homeowners, cost is one of the prime considerations. Simple, but functional and durable styles like chain link fencing are perfect for those on a budget. However, a higher end fence can add value to your home and property financially and aesthetically.

So, what about style? The perfect fence can set off a home perfectly.

Traditional Home Fencing: If you have a stately or traditional style home, perhaps crafted of brick or stone; a wrought iron fence, or a look-alike, created of aluminum, is often the perfect style option. With its distinctive 19th century look, this partial privacy fence will definitely add to your home’s value.
Rural property fencing: Does anything say country like split rail fencing in a rural area? If you have a large property, this type of fence is a very cost-effective way to delineate your property lines. It will keep horses and cattle in, but for kids and pets, you may need to add nearly invisible wire fencing to it. Vinyl fencing is available in this type as well.
Colonial home style fencing: A two-story home looks beautiful and homey with a white picket fence around the front, perhaps offset with blooming flowers. Think Mayberry!
Ranch home fencing: Though ranch style homes are a little more nondescript than other styles, a nice fence can really spruce it up. This type of home looks great surrounded by a privacy fence of wood or vinyl, or even with some accent fencing to set it off perfectly. Additionally, you can add planters and hanging baskets to up its curb appeal.
Many homeowners opt to put the best fence forward, meaning the front of the home gets special treatment. In this way, you can save substantial money in costs of materials and installation, if you don’t mind a simpler type surrounding the back of your home. For instance, installing a nice vinyl picket fence in the front, but maybe a chain link fence behind your rose bushes in the backyard would be adequate.

No matter what your fencing needs are, the experts at Beitzell Fence can help you choose the perfect fence, the perfect materials and the right installation for your home and property.

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