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Bringing Out the Beauty of Your Wrought Iron Specialty Fence

Metal work is a craft and each piece is a unique interpretation of a specific vision. When choosing a specialty fence to truly accent your home or commercial building, consider wrought iron. As with woods and other fine materials, ironwork needs a finish that brings out its true beauty and depth and also displays the craftsmanship that went into the piece. Finishes for ironwork can range from the industrial to the delicate. Here are some ideas and suggestions on which finishes can truly bring out the best appearance from your ironwork fence that we have developed in our 30 years of working with iron.

Suggested Finishes

Bees Wax Finish: This method includes heating the metal until it is almost too hot to touch with bare hands. The wax is then applied in light coats and allowed to dry. One this process is finished and the metal is cooled, the finish can be buffed and then scuffed to enhance the natural metal forged look.

Tinted Briwax Finish: The process of applying this finish is similar to the one outlined above. The added tint can highlight the natural finish but add color and depth to the metal work. A brownish tint can add a patina like appearance while protecting the iron work from the damaging elements.

Wax and Linseed Oil Finish: When applied correctly, this finish leaves a lustrous semi-transparent look to the iron work. This finish can be buffed and waxed for added protection after the right texture and color is achieved. This type of finish is durable and can withstand harsh indoor and outdoor elements. Tints can be added to this finish as well, giving the iron work a beautifully custom appearance.

Cleaning the Wrought Iron Specialty Fence

Cleaning and maintaining a wrought iron fence is essential to keep it looking its best and protect it from corrosion. To clean a wrought iron fence, start by removing any loose debris or dirt using a brush or a pressure washer. Next, mix warm water and a mild detergent in a bucket and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the fence gently. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of the fence, and pay extra attention to any areas with rust. Rinse the fence thoroughly with clean water, and let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Applying a Rust Inhibitor

After cleaning the fence, you may want to apply a rust inhibitor to protect it from future corrosion. Begin by removing any remaining rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. Then, apply the rust inhibitor according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically involves spraying or painting the inhibitor onto the fence and letting it dry completely. Once the inhibitor is dry, you can paint or seal the fence to provide additional protection. Remember to reapply the rust inhibitor periodically, as directed by the manufacturer, to ensure continued protection.

Adding Decorative Elements

There are a variety of decorative elements that can be added to a wrought iron fence to enhance its aesthetic appeal and give it a personalized touch. One option is to add finials, which are decorative caps that sit atop each fence post. Finials come in a variety of shapes and styles, from classic spear-shaped caps to more ornate designs with scrolls and twists. They can be painted to match the color of the fence or left in their natural metal finish for a more rustic look.

Another decorative element to consider is adding scrolls to the fence. Scrolls are intricate, twisting designs that can be added to the top or bottom of the fence panels or along the railing. They can be used to create a more traditional or ornate look, and can be customized to fit the style of your home and garden. Fleur-de-lis accents are another popular choice, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the fence. These decorative elements can be added to the fence posts, panels, or gates, and can be painted in a contrasting color to make them stand out.

For more information on ironwork finishes, contact us the experts with Beitzell Fence. They offer a wide range of fencing for your home or commercial needs. For 28 years, Beitzell Fence has proudly served Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas.

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