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3 Things to Consider Before Scheduling an Aluminum Fence Installation

An aluminum fence is going to give you the illusion of a wrought-iron fence without having to worry about rusting. Along with a more affordable price, it’s one reason why so many people use aluminum fencing when wanting the iron look surrounding their residential or commercial property. But aluminum fencing isn’t going to be available all in one style or even size. You have to consider the materials on the fence as well as dealing with the problem of ground slopes.

Considering Height

You have some options in the height of the fence.

Firstly, consider the fence’s primary purpose. If security is your main concern, a taller fence of at least 6 feet would be appropriate to deter potential intruders and provide a sense of safety. A fence of this height is more difficult to climb, and it can also help to prevent children and pets from wandering off your property. On the other hand, if your goal is to create a more contained outdoor space, a fence between 4 to 6 feet should suffice. 

It’s also essential to consider local regulations and guidelines. Be sure to consult with your local zoning office or homeowners’ association. Think about how your new fence can impact your neighbors. Open communication can help address any potential concerns and ensure a harmonious relationship.

Picking the Right Style

Choosing the right style of aluminum fence for your property is essential in achieving a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and complementing your home’s architectural design. 

Home Architecture

The style of your fence should complement your home’s architecture. For a more traditional or classic home, a fence with decorative elements such as finials, scrolls, or arched pickets could work well. If your home features a modern or contemporary design, a sleek, minimalist fence with clean lines and minimal ornamentation would be more suitable. Assess the overall aesthetic of your property to ensure a harmonious integration between the fence and your home’s style.

Landscape Design

Take into account the landscape design of your property. If you have a formal, manicured garden, a fence with intricate detailing and classic ornamentation can elevate the overall appearance. For a more natural or rustic landscape, a simpler fence design that blends seamlessly with your surroundings would be ideal.


Consider the maintenance requirements of the fence style you choose. Aluminum fences are generally low-maintenance, but more intricate designs with decorative elements may require additional care to keep them looking their best. Select a style that aligns with the amount of maintenance you’re willing to invest in your fence.


Finally, factor in your budget when choosing a fence style. Aluminum fences come in a range of prices, with more elaborate designs and customizations typically costing more. Choose a style that meets your design preferences without straining your budget.

Dealing with Slopes

Extreme slopes on your property pose issues in using aluminum fencing. So it’s a good idea to assess the nature of the sloping before making any decisions. The good news is that some slight sloping isn’t necessarily a problem. If you have a fence that’s six-feet high and the slope is less than a foot, panels can be slanted (otherwise known as raked) in order to keep the fence straight. It’s a unique engineering feat that’s proven to work.

You can stair-step the panels if the slope happens to be more than a foot. End posts have to be used in this scenario to keep the fence stable. However, it’s another example of how clever engineering can help you enjoy aluminum fencing when slopes become a concern on your property.

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