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Aluminum Yard Fences Add Beauty, Value and Security to Your Home

As you walk around the exterior of your home in the McLean, VA area, admiring your shrubs and flower beds, enjoying the sight lines from various positions on your property, you constantly think about ways to make it look more attractive – a new shrub here, stepping stones there. You also think about your family or pets inside and ways to make them more secure. Sometimes, you even think about what you can do to make your home more attractive to future buyers.

One idea that can cover all those bases is an ornamental aluminum fence. Aluminum fences add beauty, value and security to your home with several distinct advantages over other types of fencing, including ornamental steel or wrought iron.

First, let’s look at two advantages of ornamental metal fencing over other types such as wood, vinyl or chain link:

Aluminum Yards Fences Add Elegance

Metal fencing is the most attractive fencing you can add to your home, meaning it will add the most value when you sell your home. A metal fence automatically adds a prestigious look to your home and increases its curb appeal. Ornamental fences come in a variety of styles that are suited for all types of architecture, from traditional to contemporary, so don’t be dissuaded thinking your house isn’t suitable for ornamental fencing. A professional designer can direct you to the perfect fence.

An ornamental fence also enhances the landscaping of your home, not hiding the beautiful plantings you have cultivated around your lawn.

Aluminum Yard Fences Boost Security

Maybe you don’t want to hide your home away from the world, but you do want to keep it safe from predators. Metal fences are strong enough, and can be built to any height, to discourage potential trouble. Just the challenge of facing down a metal fence will send any criminal down the road searching for an easier target.

If part of your security concern is keeping children and pet inside the fence, you can add an unobtrusive mesh on the inside of the fence to make it less penetrable.

Now, let’s discuss the advantages of aluminum fencing over steel and wrought iron:

Aluminum Yard Fences are Economical

An ornamental aluminum fence will give you basically the same look as steel or wrought iron, but at a lower cost. Aluminum fencing generally runs $25-40 per foot installed whereas steel is $30-45 per foot and wrought iron is $35-50 per foot. The cost difference will increase as you add decorative features and gates that will make your fence more unique and more appropriate for your home and your style.

Aluminum Yard Fences are Economical

Aluminum also will save you more through the life of the fence as it is virtually maintenance free. Steel and wrought iron will rust and lose finish, so they need to be refinished every few years. Aluminum will not rust and will maintain its finish for the lifetime of the fence.

Aluminum Yard Fences are Environmentally Friendly

While steel, iron and aluminum are earth-friendly materials and are finished with environmentally safe coatings, aluminum is the only one that is 100 percent recyclable. It also can be recycled multiple times because it does not break down during the recycling process. The industry standard, according to the American Fence Association, calls for aluminum fences to be made of at least 70 percent recycled aluminum.

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