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Beitzell Fence has been one of Northern Virginia’s most trusted professional fencing design, installation, and maintenance companies since our foundation over thirty years ago. One of our specialties is backyard fences, and our hundreds of happy clients would agree that we can provide you with the best backyard fence for your unique situation. Whether you are looking for a particular aesthetic that will increase the value of your home and make you smile whenever you go outside or a way to provide your family with a higher level of privacy and security that will make you feel more at ease, we are here to create and set up your perfect backyard fence. 

Beitzell Fence will not only help with the design, customization, and installation of your backyard fence, but also its future maintenance, as well as any questions that you might have along the way. We will handle everything, just like we have for all of our clients, so you can relax knowing that you are using a trusted and capable professional fencing company. We are a family-owned business that wants to make you a part of this large community.

Reasons to Get a Backyard Fence

There is no question why you see backyard fences all around, no matter what neighborhood you visit or which yard you look at. The benefits of installing a fence in your backyard are countless. Here are just a few of the many reasons why so many families decide it is in their best interest to purchase a backyard fence:

  • Privacy: Once you install a backyard fence, your piece of land, whether you live on the countryside or in a crowded suburb, will transform into its own oasis. No neighbors will be able to disturb events held in your backyard, whether that consists of a get-together with friends or a much-needed nap by the pool. Your backyard fence can even help act as a barrier to sound in your neighborhood, including noisy neighbors or construction down the street. You will finally be able to sit back and relax, using your backyard to its full potential.
  • Security: Not only do backyard fences keep unwanted people and animals off your property, but they also keep in wandering children and pets. You and your family will be so much more safe and secure once a fence is installed in your yard, which will eliminate unnecessary stress in the long run.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: There are many options for material, color, and design of backyard fences. You have the ability to customize exactly what your fence will look like so that it perfectly matched your landscaping and house exterior and adds the aesthetic appeal and character that you are looking for. 
  • Protection from Weather: Fences may not be able to act as a bubble or forcefield around your home, but they can help prevent some unnecessary damage. Backyard fences act as a barrier between your yard and the fence. Your garden will be much safer, and you will also be more comfortable without hard gusts of wind coming through.
  • Property Value: Because of all the different benefits of backyard fences as described above, choosing to install one will likely increase your property value. While we understand that choosing to change your fencing or landscaping situation can be a large investment, we are confident that the money you put in now will be worth it financially in the long run.

As you can see, there is at least one benefit of a backyard fence that can appeal to anyone’s unique situation, and these five points are just a few examples of what you will experience when your Beitzell backyard fence is installed. Each type of fence also has its own pros and cons. Additionally, the type of material and design of each type of fence can be further customized to best suit your needs. Four of our most popular options for backyard fences include fences made from aluminum, vinyl, wood, and chain links. Read on to find out what some additional benefits of backyard fences may be, and you might even find one that sounds perfect for your expectations.

Types of Backyard Fences

  • Aluminum fences are stylish and modern. While they do not offer the most protection or privacy, they are often considered to be one of the most attractive options. You can even choose the color of your aluminum fence, as we have a large variety of options that are sure to match well to the design of your home and landscaping.
  • Vinyl fences act as a strong barrier that really makes your backyard feel safe and stable. In addition, vinyl backyard fences typically cost less than other options and are very durable. They are easy to maintain, as you can usually clean it with just a quick spray from your hose, and they are also sure to last for decades, so you will continue to receive the impact from this investment for quite some time. 
  • Wood fences are some of the most classic and traditional, especially when used as a border around your backyard. Whether you want a white picket fence or something a bit more modern, we can help you with this, and your choice of wood fencing material over a more expensive option will save you some money as well.
  • Chain link fences offer so many options for customization, so that you can focus on what you really want out of your backyard fence and we can make it happen for you. You are able to choose the color, height, and level of security of a chain link fence, and the cost of material and installation is definitely one of the most affordable options.

Because there are so many good options for the type and material of fencing for your future backyard fence, it may be difficult to make a decision about which is best for you and your family. But do not worry, because we are here to help.

The Beitzell Backyard Fence Process

Every one of our clients are unique, and we have seen so many different situations over the past few decades that we are experts at making sure you have the best fence for you. Feel free to call us at any time for a free consultation, as we have helped hundreds of clients like you make this decision and even customize their own unique fence. We can even work with you to design a specialty fence or an impressive gate built into the fence.

Once we have worked with you to fully design your backyard fence and make a plan for the next steps, it is time to get started with the installation. Our team works quickly and efficiently and always gets the job done well the first time, so you can relax knowing that we have the whole installation process under control. We know how much you value time in your backyard, whether that be watching your kids run around or tending to your flower garden, so we want to make sure that once the installation is over, you will be all set. We always leave the space just as clean and neat as it was when we began the project, so when you see your new fence for the first time, you will be excited by all the new opportunities it will afford you. 

Every fence needs a bit of maintenance here and thereafter the installation is complete. We are here to help you even after we have done our official job, because we want to make sure that your backyard fence continues to meet your expectations. Whether it needs another layer of paint or the replacement of a rod, we can give you some tips and tricks or even come by and help you in-person. Once you order your backyard fence from us, we are guaranteeing that it will provide you with the security, privacy, aesthetic appeal, and protection that you expected when you first designed and ordered this fence to be built. We do our best to keep fences at their best for as long as possible.

Hopefully, you have learned a bit (or quite a bit) about the potential options you have for backyard fences. From a classic wood fence to a modern aluminum fence, we have many options, and one of them is sure to be perfect for you. For us, however, it is not just about the fences we provide for our customers, but also the customer service we give you all. We offer a high quality of service that is sure to make you feel comfortable and taken care of throughout the entire process of design, installation, and maintenance. Our values dictate everything we do, and we love using our fencing specialty to provide you with the ideal addition to your backyard that will finally make your house feel like your dream home. Give us a call or stop by our office today and we can start making a plan. We can not wait to get started and give you the perfect backyard fence!

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