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8 Reasons You Need a Pool Fence

We all worry about our loved ones. Parents especially want to know they’ve done everything they could to make their homes safe for their children. A pool fence is a vital part of that safety plan.

Whether you’ve moved into a new home with a pool already installed or you’re planning on installing a pool, it’s important that you get a pool fence. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs, and they all have one thing in common: security. A pool fence can give you peace of mind, and its other benefits are simply bonuses.

A Pool Fence is Safe

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a fence around any pool. It is imperative to have a pool fence if you have young children or anyone who does not know how to swim living in your home. Pool fences add a layer of security that save you the worry. If you have an unsecured pool, you cannot afford to wait. Click here to contact us for a FREE estimate today.

A Pool Fence Adds Privacy

A pool fence can add a level of privacy you may be missing. If your backyard is open for all to see, installing a pool fence can help to prevent neighbors from viewing your pool area. This can be beneficial for those who feel self-conscious in a bathing suit or for those who simply do not like the idea of their neighbors being able to watch them while they swim.

A Pool Fence is the Law

Due to the safety hazards involved with having a pool that is not protected by a pool fence, many places are now making it law that if you have a pool, it must be protected by a pool fence. Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, you may be required to install a fence around your pool. For this reason, you should look up whether there are any pool fence regulations in your area. If you need to get your home up to code, contact us to get a FREE estimate for your pool fence. However, even if it is not law, it would be highly beneficial to you to still have a pool fence installed around your pool.

A Pool Fence is Convenient

It is not always simple and easy to use a pool net or cover. You must remember to replace them after each use, and they can be heavy and cumbersome to use. A pool fence, however, requires almost no effort at all to be effective. All you have to do to provide protection is make sure it is locked at all times. Choose a lock that is located high on the fencing and entirely child-proof. Also, since you do not have to worry about taking a cover off the pool, there is really no downtime after you enter the pool area.

A Pool Fence is Easy to Install

Depending on your setup, you may think that a pool and fence must be built together. However, our expert installers work around just about anything, including sloping hills, grass and landscaping features, to ensure your pool fence not only looks impressive, but functions even under the toughest of circumstances.

A Pool Fence Saves You on Insurance

A pool fence can lead to a discount on your homeowners’ insurance, depending on the terms of your policy. Sometimes, your insurer may even require a fence. Usually, the pool fence must be equipped with a bolted gate to qualify. Ideally, you’ll already be investing in a pool fence that is secure enough to keep children from getting inside anyway, so qualifying for a discount should be no problem.

A Pool Fence is Flexible in Its Design

Pool fences come in a variety of heights, materials and styles. Most laws and insurance policies require at least a 4-foot fence around a pool, allowing you to look into the pool area easily while still keeping kids and pets out when needed. But you can go higher for more privacy or for a design style you prefer. Your pool fence cannot have gaps that a child could get through, so your design options are mainly of the privacy fence variety, but even then, there’s a lot of variation to pick from.

Rather than having a fence with vertical slats, create one that has boards running horizontally. This will provide you with the same type of privacy, yet give a more rustic feel to your pool area. This type of fence is perfect for hanging plant baskets or placing window boxes full of flowers on.

If your pool has an oriental garden surrounding it, an excellent choice for fencing would be bamboo panels. These can be attached to wooden posts with ordinary rope and will provide a nice focal point for a fountain and ornamental grasses. The best part about using this type of fencing material is the fact that bamboo takes very little time to grow back after it is harvested.

A Pool Fence Protects Pets

Children aren’t the only family members you need to protect with a pool fence. While some dogs can swim, not all can. The same applies to cats and other animals. You can customize a special pool fence for pets by using more durable vinyl that’s resistant to biting or clawing. Fences can also be 5 feet high or taller to eliminate any chance your family dog or cat can jump over.

All of these ideas can be successfully implemented here at Beitzell Fence. While we’re known for our traditional residential and commercial fencing, we know the value of a pool fence.

A Pool Fence Keeps Critters Out

Another great benefit of having a fence installed around the perimeter of your pool is it keeps unwanted animals out. It can be frustrating to see wildlife getting near your pool for a drink or a dip, making a fence an extra amount of protection for your pool.

If you currently have a pool, or you are considering having one installed, then you should take some time to seriously consider having a pool fence installed on your property. Pool fences are essential in providing an extra layer of safety for any pool owner, especially for those who have children around frequently or have children of their own. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on a pool fence.

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