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5 Ways to Create a Custom Chain Link Fence

We are huge fans of the humble chain link fence. After all, we have spent much of our 28 years in the business building beautiful chain link fences for homes and businesses alike. A custom chain link is a very affordable option that is durable and stands up well to just about any type of inclement weather. Chain link is also ideal in keeping pets and children safe and secure in the yard.

Along with our love of chain link fencing, we also know that it can look a bit uniform. Many people think that one chain link fence looks pretty much like another. We humbly disagree. Thanks to Pinterest, here are 5 easy ways to help you view your chain link fence as a blank canvas that can show off your aesthetic taste:

  1. Homeyou shows you how to add glass beads to catch the sunlight that streams through your fence.
  2. GardeningKnowHow lists several flowering vines and other foliage that grows well on chain link fences.
  3. Take gardening to a whole new vertical level as ehow.com lists the best vegetables to grow on a chain link fence.
  4. Pinterest user Braydee Baugh suggests using cedar lath as an eye-catching privacy solution.
  5. If you feel especially ambitious, Plum Siena showcases how Dutch artist Joep Verhoven transforms chain link fencing into works of art with traditional lace-making methods.

Whether you prefer chain link, wood or another form of fencing to add curb value and security to your home or business, contact us and see why the Beitzell Fence Company is an expert in privacy fence installation.

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