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A wooden bench sits in front of a fence with a house in the background, surrounded by a houseplant, flowerpot, and clouds in the sky.

Our Services

  • Wood Fence
  • Aluminum Fence
  • Vinyl Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Pool Fence
  • Privacy Fence
  • Commercial Fence
  • Sports Fencing

“Passersby Admire My Fence”

“I had a great deal of difficulty obtaining HOA approval for a fence from my new home builder. Scott Beitzell worked beyond my expectations to assist in getting approval from the HOA. When I finally obtained approval, he sent his crew within a couple of days’ notice and they completed my fence the same day. It looks great. I’ve had a few passersby admire my fence as well. Scott is a great guy, and he and his crew are true professionals!”

– Ann M.

A cottage with a wooden fence, roof, and siding stands in a lush backyard with a porch, plants, and grass beneath a bright blue sky.
Why Choose Beitzell Fence

Beitzell Fence is a family-owned fence contractor that has served our neighbors in Northern Virginia for over 35 years. We focus ONLY on fences and gates, allowing us to deliver the best value and quality to our customers. Upgrade your property’s value and security with Beitzell Fence! Whether for homes, businesses, or athletic facilities, we’ve got the perfect fencing solution for you. Reach out now for a FREE ESTIMATE and elevate your space!

A fenced field of grass stretches out beneath a bright sky dotted with clouds, with a building, tree, plant, waste container, gate, and fence completing the outdoor scene.
The All-in-One Fence Contractor

Beitzell Fence – your one-stop solution for design, installation, and maintenance! Leave the details to us; our experts will seamlessly guide you from planning to execution. Experience unparalleled customer service that has kept us at the forefront for years. As proud members of the American Fencing Association and the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association, trust in Beitzell Fence to deliver excellence every step of the way!

A fence stands in front of the house.
Family-Owned & Operated

Beitzell Fence began as an aspiration of a young Joe Beitzell, who installed fences as a teenager, eventually working his way up to lead a work crew, then a subcontracting firm, and finally founding Beitzell Fence Company with his wife, Karen, over 30 years ago. Karen and Joe raised their children in the family business, and now the next generation of Beitzells, armed with a lifetime of fencing knowledge, are helping Northern Virginia homeowners bring security, beauty, and value to their properties.

Our Service Areas
  • Arlington
  • Culpeper
  • Fairfax
  • Fauquier
  • Loudoun
  • Orange
  • Spotsylvania
  • Stafford
  • Prince William
  • And More!

‘Definitely the Best Value’

“Beitzell was fantastic to work with. They were very timely and professional from the initial estimator to the team that came and installed. I don’t mind offering that they were definitely the best value when it came to pricing competitors. If you are contemplating a fence upgrade you should absolutely talk to Beitzell!”

-Nicholas B.

A house with a porch, fence, and yard surrounded by grass, trees, and plants stands proudly against a bright blue sky.

Wood Fencing

A wood fence gives a classic look with the option for impenetrable privacy. We design, install, and maintain wood fences in numerous styles: picket, lattice-topped, vertical board, post and rail, louver, 3-board paddock oak, and more. Our clients turn to us for wood fencing because of our stellar pricing. If you need the best value for a fence, you need a wooden fence. You get all the home security and privacy without a huge price tag. A wood fence, properly maintained, should last 20-30 years!

Aluminum Fencing

If you want your fence to add prestige and value to your property, you should learn more about our aluminum fence brands. An aluminum fence enhances your landscaping and accents your gardens and plants. The elegant look suits all types of architecture, and our expert designers know exactly how to make your property shine with an ornamental fence. We offer lifetime warranties on aluminum fences because we stand behind their quality.

A vibrant autumn landscape of a park with a lake, trees, grass, plants, a fence, and a building is illuminated by the bright sky.
A wooden fence encloses a lush grassy area with a tree and plant, while a building stands in the background against a bright blue sky.

Vinyl Fencing

A vinyl fence offers you the largest variety of styles, from privacy to picket, in an array of colors. Vinyl fencing requires no maintenance! You won’t have to re-stain it like a wood fence or sand and re-paint like a wrought iron fence. That means fewer weekends spent on manual labor and more time with your friends and family. Besides being the “hassle-free” choice, vinyl fencing stands up to punishment well. A vinyl fence bends rather than breaking or warping when something hits it. Plus, we offer lifetime warranties on our vinyl products.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences offer a dependable security solution tailored to your preferences. They deliver both immediate and lasting value, adaptable for homes, pools, and various other settings. Trust in chain link fences for a robust and efficient fencing choice. A chain link fence also stands out as an economical choice for those mindful of budget.

A rural landscape of a grassy field with a metal fence, chain-link fencing, and a gate surrounded by a building, clouds, and plants in the outdoor sky.
A fence encloses the yard, with a house visible in the distance.

Pool Fence

If you have a pool or plan to build one, you should know that there are strict rules that require fencing for pools in Virginia. You can use any material from chain link to aluminum, but you should work with experts who know the pool code inside and out. Protect your loved ones and limit your liabilities by contacting us to build your pool fence!

“Thank goodness our realtor referred us”

“Thank goodness our realtor referred us to Beitzell – they priced competitively, offered a personal touch when dealing with us, and delivered a beautiful, solid fence we will enjoy for years. They handled our first-timer questions with grace and did everything they said they’d do, exactly when they said they’d do it. Skylar and the team are great. Thank you!”

– Sarah D.

Privacy Fence

Whether you’ve just acquired a new property, welcomed a furry friend, or simply seek solitude away from prying eyes, it’s time to embrace tranquility in your outdoor space. Let us help you craft the serene backyard haven you’ve always dreamed of. Without a barrier, the safety of your loved ones and your privacy can be compromised, especially if you live near commercial zones. Consider a privacy fence as the perfect solution to shield and secure your home.

A wooden door stands in the middle of a large outdoor plank of lumber.
A road lined with an iron fence, a gate, a tree, and a building beneath a cloudy sky.

Commercial Fencing

Your commercial property is more than a building or a piece of land. It’s your nest egg, your workplace, your plans for the future. It’s the culmination of years of work and thousands of hard-earned dollars. Why wouldn’t you do anything you can to protect it? For commercial clients, we recommend chain link fencing, aluminum fencing, high-security fencing, and high-tech access gates.

Sports Fencing

Beitzell Fence is not just limited to residential or commercial properties; we’re also experts in fencing athletic facilities for schools and municipalities. Trusted by officials and administrators, we have a proven track record in designing, installing, and maintaining fencing and netting solutions tailored to diverse playing fields. Whether it’s a baseball diamond, soccer pitch, or tennis court, our team ensures that each facility is equipped with durable and safe barriers.

A baseball sits in the grass in front of a building surrounded by wire and chain-link fencing with mesh netting.